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If I were you, I'd see a tdoc (therapist) so you can talk out your problems and pinpoint exactly what causes your anger.

I have bipolar disorder which causes me to have extreme mood swings from mania, high energy levels and restlessness to depression and irritability. I've found therapy to be of tremendous help in keeping me grounded, maintaining some degree of control over my emotions and discussing what triggers my irritability.

You might also consider seeing a pdoc (psychiatrist) to see if he/she can prescribe an antidepressant which could keep your anger in check and help you feel better.

By the way, if you're feeling angry, sad and tired, those are all symptoms of major depressive disorder (mdd).

There's also a possibility that you could have bipolar (provided that you also experience symptoms of mania: high energy levels, restlessness, extreme happiness).

Good luck.
[QUOTE=AuntieLeela;3804915]Wow, that's a textbook description of depression. :(

You don't have to live like this - if you had a giant tic sucking the life out of you you'd go to a doctor and have it removed immediately - [B]depression is a parasite[/B], it's stealing your life from you, go to a psychiatrist or a prescribing therapist and get it "removed"! Talk therapy or meds or both, whatever you need. You'll be happy again, I promise.

This webpage on Women and Depression has info and how/where to get help info: [url][/url]

PS: You may want to get your thyroid levels checked first. Thyroid disorders often strike after pregnancy, called Postpartum Thyroiditis, and if left untreated they can cause irritable depression.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, sometimes people can be depressed but think they're not because they're not suicidal or don't feel bad 100% of the time. That's not necessarily the case though.

Also, with 2 young kids, how much sleep are you getting? Chronic lack of slepp could cause all the symptoms you're describing. I noticed you didn't mention the father in your post at all. Are you married to him? Does he help out with the kids? You really need to make sure you're getting enough sleep. That's not always possible with 2 young children I know, but you need to try to make it a priority. If you're living with the father, take turns so that ou can both get some uninterrupted sleep time.

You also didn't mention how old the youngest is. Is it possible you have post-parturm despression?

Anyway, I'd suggest talking to your family doctor about your symptoms. Try your best to get more sleep and cut out all caffiene and alchohol from your diet. If that doesn't help, you may want to see a therapist.

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