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I've tried things like behavioral therapy. If that's where you go into a group and they try to teach you ways to alter your behavior patterns into a healthier way. Those tips seem insightful but just kind of roll off me. Even in individual therapy, often times I end up zoning out no matter how hard I try to focus, so by the next session I can scarcely remember the last.

I was diagnosed as having borderline personality disorder by a psychiatrist while I was in the military, but one I saw when I got out questioned the diagnoses. I don't cut myself as I used to and I don't really have any self destructing methods that I can think of anymore. even if I still am BPD, it doesn't explain other symptoms that again seem more intune with antisocial PD, but again without the need for violence.
I am not suggesting that you are narcissistic, in fact you sound nothing like my DIL. She has absolutely NO empathy at all nohow..! However there are features that seem to go across the board with all the personality disorders. I don't think you will have a lot of success bringing these folk out of the woodwork.. a major feature of most personality disorders seems to be a total lack of insight and identification with anyone else. Put it this way, I bet that most PD people would read your post and say "So what, he sounds perfectly normal to me" and move on. But, good luck anyway. It is interesting to hear a bit of the story from somebody who does have this self-knowledge, thank you for posting. Sera.

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