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I also suffer from disturbing thoughts. It is aweful and very distressing. If i stood at the edge of a cliff i would instantly think what it would be like to jump.
They are like bad dreams, except i'm awake.

I have booked a holiday abroad with my family, first one for six years and i am not looking forward to it at all. I keep having this recurring thought that i'm asleep and i sleep walk and throw myself off the balcony. I am scared, and don't even want to go on the holiday anymore.

I constantly have horrible thoughts like this, some to horrible to mention. Someone on another post mentioned it is something to do with OCD. This would make sense because i certainly thinking i have OCD.

It's weird, it thought there was something wrong with me and i was alone. It is just so horrible that you cannot turn these thoughts off.

I think the only thing that relieves my mind of these thoughts for a while, is something other destressing thing which occupies my mind.

I am suffering anxiety and depression from work, this currently occupies all of my mind, which i suppose is good because i really couldn't cope with both conditions.

Anyway thanks for listening

Feeling alone with it is the worst. It's why I posted on here, I wouldn't normally do something like that, but I knew there had to be someone out there who felt the way I do.
It sounds like your are worse than mine though, mine have been getting progressively worse since I was about 11, well that's when I remember first having them. Mine go away for a while, like I can go a week maybe even two without any, but they come back for months at a time. I definitely have them more of the time than not.

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