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i've been prescribed lexapro for 10mgs for anxiety and it has made my anxiety worse, or it did nothing for my anxiety and my anxiety was inevitably getting worse. It's about the 5th week and couple of days on lexapro, i haven't had much side effects except drowsiness. I want to try xanax, and i really don't care if i get addicted to it as long as it treats my anxiety that's all that matters.

Should i stay on lexapro for few more weeks and see if i can any results and just ween off it if it doesn't do any good for me?

Should I try xanax right now, or should I wait to see if lexapro works for me?

do you think i should go to a psychiatrist to get the xanax? because lexapro is easy to take and it's daily, but i heard xanax dosage differs alot.

if xanax works for me would it be safe if i can take it everyday? also, if xanax did work would it make my irrational fears go away?

also if lexapro won't work, would it be easier to get off it, since i didn't exprience much side effects?

or should i take a different antidepressant medication?

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