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[QUOTE=SuperPanda;3947606]Hi it seems like i keep having these intrusive thoughts. I have schizo-effective and it seems like i can't even control my brain sometimes. Since i'm a christian and focus on the bible the intrusive thoughts try to get me to think blashphemous evil thoughts that make me cry they are so bad. It's so distressing thinking bad thoughts about the one you love the most. And then i feel like God is going to condemn me for every bad thought i think which makes me more scared. I don't even wanna think anymore if i could turn off my brain i think i would.[/QUOTE]

I have the same problem only I have bipolar disorder. My intrusive thoughts center around comments about what an awful person I am and how I shouldn't be on this Earth.

Some of the things I've found helpful in dealing with them is to distract myself by reading, writing or working on the computer. I never respond to them because it only makes them more intense and powerful.

When my thoughts are really bad, I take Clonazepam to help calm them down.

I wish I had something more to suggest.

Have you discussed this with a tdoc (therapist) if you have one? He or she may be able to give you more techiques for dealing with these thoughts.

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