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Dep, anx, or other?
May 14, 2009
I'll take a poll since the docs don't seem to have any answers for a 30yo male that was previously normal/healthy:

[B]Start[/B]: 2006- [B]dizzy[/B] while exercising, [B]spinning vision[/B] (4-5mins), no balance, episode subsided after 25mins
Thereafter: very, very [B]fatigued[/B] (12+hrs needed/day), developed tightness in throat, [B]nausea[/B], dizzy (some), [B]lightheaded[/B] (alot), some [B]vomiting[/B]. Little appetite. Some [B]numbness[/B] in left side of body, particularly face/head. Some parts of left side (arm/hand) felt like it had been burned. Very, very fatigued after any exertion. Thousands of minute muscle [B]twitches[/B] throughout body (more on left side). Difficulty sleeping, sometimes blurred line b/t daydreaming and dreaming and asleep. Some loss of coordination on left side. Memory frequently shot (once forgot my own address/telephone). Vision problems, sensitive to light, frequent [B]after-images[/B]. This was all debilitating for someone that was previously healthy w/no doctor visits for years.

Continued for 4months. Doc tried [B]celexa[/B]. Began [B]vomiting [/B]increasingly often. Definitely knew what anxiety felt like when I took this- became very scared. After only 3days doc said to stop based on vomiting/anxiety. Also had a couple bouts of "throwing my back out," that were excruciating, but each healed in approx 2 weeks after bed rest.

Continued w/various tests for another 2months. Then pain in abdomen followed by blood in stool. Colonoscopy revealed [B]proctitis[/B] despite no risk factors (risky sex/radiation treatment/etc.). Also diagnosed w/IBD.

Symptoms continued for 2months, developed [B]tinnitus[/B] in left ear. Frequent urge to use the restroom, urgently.

Symptoms continued for next 6 months. Numerous tests of nerves/vision/hearing (MRIs, BAERs, EEGs, etc.) Some abnormal nerve conduction tests but no definitive conclusion. Various medications tried (lyrica among others). At times I get a feeling of being [B]overwhelmed[/B] by external stimuli (like I am on the strip in vegas). I find it [B]totally exhausting and debilitating[/B].

One doctor ruled out MS based upon pattern of symptoms, MRIs.

Improved for approximately 7 months.

One day, standing up, got dizzy and vision began spinning, just like initial incident. Felt poor again after this incident. Symptoms listed above began coming back w/in 7-10 days.

Generally, no one that knows be can believe a diagnosis of depression or anxiety. However, I'll admit I am a 'thinker' and always keep a lot going on in my mind. Additionally, fwiw, the physical events, tracked on a day-by-day or week-by-week basis, don't correspond to stress in my life. In fact, there seems to be somewhat of an inverse correlation, more stress usually sees a slight decrease in symptoms.

Docs are of varying opinions: Some say depression/anxiety. Some say probable neuro problem. Alternative doc says adrenal exhaustion.

[B]Any ideas on the depression/anxiety angle from those of you with experience??[/B]


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