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Re: Klonopin
Aug 13, 2009
It would be irresponsible for anyone to say anything but can't drink alcohol when you are taking any drug. The answer should be always no and especially Klonopin that increases the effect of doesn't matter the hours between doses...everyone metabolizes drugs differently.
Re: Klonopin
Aug 21, 2009
Wouldn't recommend it.. Klonopin is long lasting so it will not be out of your system in just 12 hours time. It WILL make the effect of alcohol stronger, but by how much, well that just depends on the person.

While on Klonopin it could make one beer really be equal to 2 beers, or it could make one beer equal to 3 beers, 4 beers, or 5, etc, just depends on the person. Medications such as Xanax and klonopin are some of the worst medications to mix with alcohol.
Re: Klonopin
Aug 29, 2009
No, it's not ok and could be quite dangerous.

I've taken Klonopin for about 8 years now (2mg-4mg a day). I'm not perfect and have slipped up and drank (beer and/or liquor). In my experience, it makes each drink feel like two and has sometimes sent my heart pounding (which is really scary). Definitely not a drug you want to mix with alcohol.
Re: Klonopin
Aug 29, 2009
Not a good idea....Klonopin does not change blood alcohol levels, rather the danger is two central nervous system depressants working together.

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