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If you are sensitive to SSRI's (Zoloft, Lexapro, Prozac etc.) Wellbutrin is a good option as an AD. It does not deal with serotonin but with norepinephrine, a different neurotransmitter. There's some people that have adverse reactions to Wellbutrin, but hopefully you won't.

As for anxiety, Xanax is great. But it is easy to become tolerant if you take it everyday, even at therapeutic doses. It does not happen to everyone but some doctors don't like to prescribe it. As long as you are not planning to take it forever I guess it's OK.

I was on a diet while taking these meds and lost all my Zoloft pounds very easily. I did not gain the weight back. By the way, I'm a chocaholic, and I did not crave chocolate while taking Wellbutrin.

As for CBT, it stands for cognitive behavioral therapy. It helps with depression, stress and anxiety because it changes the way you think and perceive things. I haven't heard of anyone complaining that it does not work. But it takes time and you really have to work hard on the exercises. You can get an idea of what it's like in the moodgym: [url=""][/url]

I hope this was helpful.

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