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[QUOTE=GinaAnn;386190]I talk to myself all day long (outloud). But sometimes I do scare myself because I'll be in the supermarket and people think I'm talking to them and I'm talking to myself. LOL... I wish I could stop this! Im only 40 ...whats to come in my old age????? LOL Gina :eek:[/QUOTE]

I'm now 34 & have been talking to myself since I was little, but have only recently begun slipping up in public. My mother always talked to herself & was also very intelligent. She even did it when I was around (But she's a little off.) I don't do it when I'm with people. Sometimes I think wow, what if someone heard all this?! What would they think?! But now I feel better that there are so many others out there that are doing it as well. I also notice older people doing it so I think its OK :cool:
[QUOTE=rush-rulz;386186]I know talking to oneself is normal, but how far does that go? What does that actually refer to--what kind of talking? Directed to whom? I think I may be too mired in some sort of world in m own head sometimes and don't know how much of that is normal. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

It isn't important whether it's "normal" or not. What's important is whether it's having a negative effect on your life. If it's not, then it doesn't really matter whether you're the only one doing it, does it?

If it is having a negative effect on your life, then it wouldn't really matter whether everyone else in the world was doing it. You would still want to get some help with it, right?

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