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Hi Karla My circumstances are somehat diferent from yours maybe I dunno. Here is what happened to me . I started having depression around 1983 maybe earlier then in 1994 I started having minor psychotic problems .Even though I was treated on/off for depression/anxiety the psychotic features were never treated because it mostly showed up while I was at work. Well, eventually it all came to a head and I suffered a severe psychotic break from reality in the fall of 2000 They put me on risperidal along with antidepressant/antianxiety meds that helped some then they changed my antipsychotic med to Geodon after a couple of months because of sideffect of risperidal. Geodon made a big difference. By the end of about 9 months I was back to somewhat normal.After taking Geodon for about 1 1/2 years because of its sideffects they changed me to seroquel I still take seroquel along with antidepressant/antianxiety meds It has been about 2 3/4 years for me to get back to about 90 percent of where I need to be . In my case I have found that along with the meds the other most important factor that helped was the removal of all the things that were causing me stress. Being away from stress has helped me tremendously. I dont know if this plays much of a factor in your life, I only know how much it has helped me. There are some other things too but my post is gettin too long. Wish you the Best in Life.


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