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I am posting because I need some kind of help for my dad I don't know what to do anymore!

Let me give alittle background info first

In 1997 My dad was going to work wen he got hit by a car it was a terrible accident many injuries we didn't know if he was going to live or not they gave him 24 hrs... with a miracle he survied it took him 3 years to fully get back to normal (physically)but I know that emotionally he will always be unstable when he had the accident the doctors said he did have a *minor* head injury!

Now over the years he has just become different and began doing some weird things, at first it was just he was very short tempered but now it has really progressed... for the last 2 years he has been doing strange this like at night he will water the road and the sidewalk infront of our house, he will actually sit there for about 30 minutes and just water it he never used to do that and I find it really odd... and other weird things like that but my post will be like 5 pages if I say everything so I shouldn't get into details

Now with his temper he isn't abusive or anything to me and my younger siblings but he just gets mad very easy and we really have to watch what we say around him or he will really just go crazy and not hurt us, but he lill hurt himself he will start hitting himself and just go crazy

Also he has a very good job and everything and we don't have problems with money and lately he has been coming home and he won't eat anything that my mom cooks for him then the other day he tells us that because there is no food he has been going to the garbage to eat?which doesn't make any sense because the thing is we have food we have money so I really don't know...

Also he doesn't come home when he used to he works sometimes afternoon sometimes graveyard shifts and my mom and I have caught him many times sleeping at parks, in parking lots etc..... at like 2-3 in the morning!sometimes when he doesn't come home so we have to go look for him and he makes up some weird exuse why he didn't come home!

I feel especially bad for my mom because she has gone through so much dealing with his accident etc.... and now it seems like he's getting worse then better I really don't know what to do!

Now the problem is he is very stubborn and religious so he will not go to a doctor for help my mom has told him many times that he needs help but he just says oh everyone needs to pray(I am not againest that or anything)but u know sometimes u need more then just that!he did go to his doctor once and he prescribed some kind of antidepressant but he threw it in the garbage I really dont know what is going on with him but my mom is scared one day that he will just go crazy and try and kill us or something.

My dad is 56 yrs old healthy except mentally I don't know what is wrong with him!

Any suggestions or idea's would really be helpful

I don't know if this is from his accident or something else?

Thank you

P.S also my mom told me today that they were in the car and he told her that he heard some story on the news that there were these parents that killed there 2 year old because he was possessed and my dad thought that was a good thing to do!My mom got so angry with him and told him that he needed help if he thought like that!That really freaked me out because ok im not the best all the time will he try to kill my family?

please help

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