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[QUOTE=lori j]I have been on Effexor xr for 6 days now & haven't noticed any relief so far from anxiety. Two days I was so tense that my neck & shoulders were so tight & my neck now is so sore that I can't turn my head. Other than a little nausesa for 2 days, it is not affecting me in a bad way like the Lexapro.
How long did it take for most of you to see any relief from the anxiety? I know it can take up to 6 weeks to work fully & I'm on the starter dose of 3.75 for the first week, then move up to 75 on this Friday. Any replies would be appreciated. Sure hoping this one works for me. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Like all of them, it takes "4-6wks" to fully kick in. You won't notice anything until than. 4-6WKS. That's why doc gave me xanax to use along with until than. But I've heard it's the best one, so we'll see. You need therapy in conjunction with all these drugs, otherwise, they won't work. I start CBT on Monday and can't wait to rid this thing. Also, can't put down, "Panic to power"! The BEST book yet. My god, it was as if I wrote it. GREAT BOOK!! Can't put it down. As well as the anxiety and panic workbook.

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