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Re: At a loss
May 14, 2010
First Off, you do not sound insane or crazy.. You are not alone in the way you feel or how you are expressing it, when something happens in your life that makes you question WHY, which everyone does at sound point.. I guess being the deep person you are effects you more then someone else. You do have to realize that your friend had her reasons for why she did what she did, YOU are not her, but the fact that you went as far as to O.D. does suggest you might want to seek professional assitance, but that has to be your choice, you know what is best for you, speaking to someone who is outside the box does help and gives you a different perspective on your issues, sometimes you just need someone to listen who does not judge or push you.. Are you having the same thoughts as you did before you took pills the last time? Do you feel like you could make that same choice again?, if you answered YES to one or both then make an appointment to talk to someone.. I am here to listen to you anytime, you can even send me a pravite message, just keep the lines of communication open, if you need to talk , talk or vent or scream, whatever gets you through.. Reading relaxes me also, it is an outlet that takes me away and calms my nerves.. Years ago I also tried to take my life, it is not something I speak of or even like to think about and what came out of that was That I realized I wanted to live more then anything, even though the pain was unbearable and I thought I would never be whole again, I made it through, life is precious and should be cherished and the harsh reality is: sometimes bad things happen to good people and things happen that we could never understand but that is what makes us who we are.surviours..Hang in there chick, like I said I am here.. Please feel free to contact me anytime.. take care ! coping")

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