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i think i am going insane.
i constantly play video games so i can ignore the world around me, when i play games like fallout 3, elder scorlls oblivion and other rpg games i feel free.
and enjoy living a more exciting and dangerous life in games.

i feel that everyone is watching me in the real world, i see people following me in the street for no reason and constantly see danger even when there is none and look for adventure

it worries me a lot...

sometimes i even hallucinate and see demons and monsters, i even have trouble sleeping as i start hearing noises under my bed and cant dangle my feet over the side in case something grabs them.

i am emotionally detatched and feel nothing for anyone, i fake emotion to fit into social situations, and even have started to do this with my family.
i can get happy,sad, and even get angry.
sometimes i just feel nothing, and other times i get so angry

i am worried that i will snap and do something stupid but dont know who to contact, i tried googling mental hospitals in merseyside and couldnt find anything, can you even have yourself commited anymore or is that just in films.

i am 28, male and live back with my mum.
never had a proper full time job, i have severe manic depression, epilepsy, emotionally detatched, anger probles, anxiety, suicidal and homicidal tendencies.
i am a freak of nature and i scare myself, i need help but cant bring myself to tell anyone :(

i have every hobby you can imagine, i am trying to learn 4 different languages, learning 4 musical instruments,
i do childish things, draw, colour, play with lego, knit, paint, collect things. anything to fill the days and take my mind of the world around me.

any mental hospitals in or around liverpool area that i can go into and talk with them, without them locking me up against my will and taking my stuff, i need my hobbies to keep me partially sane.

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