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Jun 17, 2002
I am so glad that someone is here that's making the switch from the same meds. Have you switched yet? I haven't. We're having a family reunion on Saturday and I want to wait until after it because I'm afraid that it will make me moody and all that good stuff. I'm going from 40mg Paxil to 20mg Prozac. I have already stopped the Buspar. I only took it twice. It made me jittery and I'm already agitated enough. I am now taking Alprazolam .25mg. I only take it when I feel an attack coming on and it helps big time. I don't like the drowsiness though. Let me know how you're doing. It would be great to share this with someone who knows how it feels. If you don't mind me asking, what are you on the Paxil for? I take it for social phobia, mood disorder and minor ocd. I also have a slight form of generalized anxiety disorder, but I think anyone who suffers from depression, etc. has that. Okay, I'm going to stop babbling now. Good luck. Keep me posted. I'll do the same.


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