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im new to this sight. i had spent 10 years being misdiagnosed. and finally last year i was diagnoed as bipolar. i have been on seroquel and cloznapem. i have been in bad shape now for 3 weeks. my shrink increased my dosage on both meds and added a antideppresant and something else. no improvement. i wasnt slepping for a whole week. my husband and i called the shrink that mon thru fri and return call. so we went to my family dr and he prescribed me ambien. that worked for like 2 nights. at this point my panicking and anxiety were 24/7 and i was in mixed states. this past week it all started again and once again no call from my shrink. so my family dr gave me sonata and that has been working. but, its like one med alone doesnt work i have to take my bipolar meds amd the the sleep aide to work. now that ive been getting sleep its like im diving head first into deep depression. depression that scares myself. ive never been in this kind of states for so long. well, i shoudnt say that high school was bad. i read all i can on bipolar and i have rapid cycling bipolar. i cant find much info on that.
i have a family 2 kids and a hubby. i can see the wear this has been on tham. my kids are 8 and 5. i cant take what this is doing to them. i am so helpless. my son always tells me he will be my service when i am sick. it just breaks my heart. if anyone has any insight, stories, advise anything. id appreciate it.

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