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Re: Bipolar II?
Apr 9, 2002
Hello, Auntjudyg

I am not looking for more medication more like the recognition that something is wrong, other than being depressed. I know that something isn't right and I just want to feel normal again. You may well ask what is normal. Normal for me would not being horrible to people, not constantly interrupting when others are talking, not forgetting the names of family and friends, not forgetting what I have said no sooner than it has left my mouth, not shouting people down because they aren't doing what I think they should be doing. I have become such a control freak and people don't understand why I have changed so much. Before I used to exercise extreme control over my behaviour, but it doesn't work anymore. I don't understand why I have changed so much. I am so angry all the time, either at myself or others.

I am not a risk taker and am certainly not promiscuous the only (having been celibate for many years) the only excess I have is spending. I may sometimes go out and spend all my months salary and ignore all the bills but that in no way compares to the kind of spending that people do when they are manic. Objectively I can usually say I am not Bipolar but I know that something isn't right so any diagnosis that would fit would help. I just don't understand what is going on with me.

I know I still need therapy but I am unable to be open with them when I can't even be open with myself. Maybe when I have dealt with all my issues things may get better but I suspect that is a long way off.

How long ago were you diagnosed? I would be interested to hear your experiences of hypomania.

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