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Hi pugster,I am new here too. i am also bi-polar mixed.I have been through tons of medicines over the years they worked a while and then would quit making things worse than they were before i ever started the medicine route.the anti-depressants were the worst when they wore off or just quit working i should say i would be a bomb waiting to go off couldn't figure out why cause i was taking my medicine.after ten years of the mess i finally told them no more anti-depressants and then the doctor started cutting other medicines i am now taking prozac and that is it.not to say everything is great but it is much more managable.i have heard voices when put under a great deal of stress the doctor gives me something to take for those time which a far and few maybe twice in five years not bad i think my doctor treats me like a person and works with me she knows i don't want to be drugged up to the point of losing my creativity I paint and that means alot to me.i can only share with you what works for me.i still get angry and all the other emotions i have just learned over the years to be still not to open my mouth when angry to stop and realized i am going to do nothing but harm if i speak god this was so hard for me i would be murdering this person in my mind but didn't act and at first had to get away from what ever was causing the anger because i couldn't control my mouth especially when the medicine stop working i would lay in wait for some one anyone to say something so i could have a reason to go off cause it was just there ya know what i mean.i can relate so well to what you say i have felt the very same way it is a hell of a way to live.but after getting off the anti-depressants and alot of practice and that can be a job in it's self i feel alot better now days i hope this helps.this is just what worked for me i am not telling you to stop anything your doctor says to do but i had to find a doctor that would listen before i could get better hope this helps in some way sue

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