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Over Medicated?
Oct 4, 2011
Hello Everyone,

This is my first post so please bear with me. Where to begin. About 15 years ago I was experiencing symptoms of depression so my doc put me on Zoloft. I was taking it for many years. After some time it seemed to stop working so he put me on Lexapro: 150mg once daily. I saw this Pdoc for about 7 years. After a couple of years he decided that I had Bipolar II of which I was sceptical, nevertheless he switched to Lamictal: 150mg once daily along with Klonopin: 2mg twice daily. After sometime I seemed to get worse. I had to take an early retirement from my Professorship at a Wisconsin University where I had worked for 22 years.

The Pdoc whom I had been seeing for 7 years left to take a clinical job in another state so I had to search for another one. I finally found one. Upon reviewing me records he concluded that my dose of Lamictal was way to low so he increased it from 150mg to 350mg to be take half in the morning a half at night.

After sometime I noticed that many things had changed. I couldn't spell any longer, my memory was shot; my wife would say things to me and a few seconds later I couldn't remember what she had said. I had no desire do anything, even perform simple chores.

Occasionally, I would be hit with bouts of serious depression sometime caused by stress at other time they would come out of no where. My mind would spin out of control, all rational thought would fly out the window, strange things would go through my head that I couldn't get rid of. I self-mediated my self with alcohol which calmed my mind down although I couldn't stand using the stuff. However, these "miracle medications" did no good. I would fall into these black holes of which it seemed impossible to
extricate myself.

A few days ago I started to wonder if I was being over medicated and, that in fact these were what was causing my strange twists in behavior. At this point I'm scared. I don't know which way to turn. I have become despondent, paranoid of people, fearful of when I'm going to be hit with another one of these attacks, etc. Please, I need someone advise.

I hope to hear from someone soon. I thank you in advance for your replays.

Gwaredd :confused:

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