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i suffer with lupus..osteoperosis,irritable bowels,thyroid disease,gastrointestinal reflux...and depression...for the last few weeks i get so angry...i also am on a lot of medication ...can you tell me where the source of the anger is..bren

I also have lupus and I go through soooo many different emotions in a "day" its unbelievable. I am starting to believe I have a personality disorder, emotion disorder , or something in that area. I get angry alot and I'm usually pretty aware of why I'm so angry . Although I have also been on different medicine at times that cause certain moods to happen so I think you should try to write down everytime you feel mad and immediately jot down what you think caused it , if the same things happen after reading over them that could help you deal with it more better. Also, pay attention as to if you get mad shortly after taking your medicine , it could be the medicine. I have to try to figure things out like this also because my anger has been happening ever since I was a teenager. It's only gotten worse as other problems have invaded my life . I'm up and down with my personality and my emotions. Also try seeing a therapist that will listen to you so by talking to them you will probably find out whats wrong. Good luck to you, and I hope it gets better
! :angel:

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