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Re: Eminating Evil
Oct 5, 2012
Hi my friend, it is good to hear from you always and getting to know you through your writings. I find it hard sometimes to put my thoughts into speech and writing is much easier forum to share feelings and thoughts. I have always been a bit shy and awkward in social gatherings but I am a good listener. I understand your feelings about having a pet home all day by him or herself. That wouldn't be fair or good unless you could afford a dog walker and someone to spend time with them during the day. I had a doberman but we found her a good home when we moved recently. She was the best dog I have ever had and her birthday was on my birthday. We got her when she was 2 years old so she was already trained. She was almost human to me. I have a husband who is home during the day and a caregiver for him so she had company but now she can run in the country and has a good owner. I hate to see my animals die so I'm glad I won't be around when that happens. I can see why you get angry when people treat children or anyone badly. You have experience with that kind of trauma. I get angry too when people are judgemental or treat others badly because of the way they look, think, act or behave. I try to be more accepting because I know how it feels to be ignored, laughed at or made fun of. People can be mean. I used to feel like you do when they would talk to me I would try to think of what I would say and didn't even hear what they were saying. Now, I try to listen to them and concentrate and if I have something worthwhile to say I will and if not, I don't. I also know how you feel about bringing others down by being sad or depressed. I was so unhappy in my marriage and when I had little children and didn't want to be blamed for bad things that might happen to them in the future. Maybe that is why I pulled out of my responsibilities to raise them. You are funny about me being a writer looking for a mentally-ill person. I have a close cousin that is mentally ill and she has been ostercized from my family and I have tried to reach out to her through writing but when she writes to me it is very confusing to read. When you write, you are very concise and I know you have a lot on your heart and mind. I used to think when I was young being adopted that I was a princess and that my family gave me up for some reason but I know how fortunate I was to have been adopted by a loving mom. I am glad you are thinking about talking to a professional and getting help. We can't live in isolation and be healthy. I hope you have a great day!

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