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Hello, everyone! Recently I was hospitalized at a mental health facility due to severe depression with the fear that I was really going to hurt myself because I had nothing to stop me. I got out a week ago and was diagnosed with major depressive disorder. At the ER, they gave me hypomania because I did explain to them I had three episodes of elevated mood that I knew were more than my normal self. However, the psychiatrist at this mental health facility would not even let me get to my first hypomanic episode and said she didn't think I was bipolar (either because no one in my blood-related family is or because I only started experiencing these problems three months ago). She put me on Remeron 30 mg. After a few days on this medication, I felt normal, the normalest I felt in a while, but that was probably because I found a friend at the hospital who reminded me of a best friend of mine. But then I fell from there and it took me a bit to realize I was going into a full-blown mixed mania episode that might have been triggered by the fact I felt I was ready to leave, but they wouldn't let me, and I doubt Remeron is helping because I researched it can induce manic episodes in people with bipolar.

But I have either been a in a rage, loopy (which I like, honestly), or hopelessly depressed or sometimes even all at once and I can't get into see a psychiatrist until the 6th. So I guess I'm really just ranting because I can't help but to be angry at this psychiatrist. I didn't even question the diagnosis at the time because she said something about Remeron being a mood stabilizer, on the offchance I am bipolar, so I just took her word for it, obviously having no way to access information on Remeron while there. And seeing as I'm still fairly new to the world of medications (fibromyalgia is filled with them), I wasn't too concerned with asking about the side effects considering I was naive enough to believe I would be resilient to that tiny .2% of people side effects thing. But now that I am home and am obsessively doing research, I'm just angry.

30 mg is a dose to treat depression, so I don't know where she got off not even being concerned this wouldn't do anything to me. And I didn't even tell her I was beginning to feel agitated because I didn't want to be there longer, and my agitation felt situational more than anything else--not just out of the blue agitation.

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