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Hello, I don't know who can help me, and when i was googling i came across this website, so i decided to try it.

I have a lot of anger problems and I really dont know why and don't know how to deal with them. When i was younger i always had temper tantrums and was always mad and crying. As i got older the anger turned to depression and I was diagnosed with it when i was 16 but never put on any medacine.

Now i'm 20 and i have been in college and i have been a lot happier but now i'm getting mad all the time and i just can't control my thoughts. It's driving me crazy i'm always stressed out becausae i'm always angry because everything i do makes me upset and i just wanna punch something or like i used to do take it out on myself. Why am i so angry all the time? Why can't i control it? How can i go from depressed to happy to depressed. Most of you may be thinking i'm bi polar becuase i thought the same thing but the therapist i used to go to told me i wasn't and now nobody can tell me why i act the way i do!

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