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Okay for the past few weeks I am extremely angry and irritable. The smallest thing can really set me off. Even when no one has done anything to me I'm still just angry in general and I couldn't even tell you why. I feel happier when I'm by myself. I'm only 17 and I cherish every second my family isn't here. I've always liked my alone time but now I dread just even seeing them. And don't get me wrong I love them very much but they just make me so damn angry! And we all generally get along but lately they just get so under my skin. My dad died very suddenly when I was 13 and my life has gone completely downhill since then. I dropped out of high school, my mom started doing prescription drugs and became very depressed but since then has gotten clean. She lost her job though and now we literally have no money. We are barely getting by. That doesn't really have to do with much just thought I'd give a little background information. Sometimes I get so angry I literally feel this rage were i feel like i need to break something or just do something violent in general. I've never felt this way. I mean yeah times are tough but I was always usually pretty happy. I just don't know whats gotten into me. Any ideas?

-Sorry this is so long

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