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This is how I feel
Aug 11, 2002
... Most of the time I'm bored, depressed and anxious. I feel like life is passing me by and my fear of going out of the house and mingling and interacting with other people can bring on an anxiety attack. It's like I know I'm bored and want to do something about it. . . ... (1 replies)
Fear of Sleep
Mar 25, 2004
... I'll add my voice to the others in this thread who share your fear of falling asleep. ... (15 replies)
... Hey I was reading this post and sounds like me..sorta..well, I went out with my friends durning the week and had a few to many drinks.. ... (16 replies)

... I can't I can't I can't my life is over I ruined everything I am all alone I have nothing anymore (41 replies)
... Well, i guess i should write about my past since i guess is the root of this... ... (6 replies)
... I don't understand the part about schizophrenia , i don't find myself having symptoms of it. ... (6 replies)
... fear of progress. I do want to move forward, but am hindered by this or that. ... (4 replies)
... Whenever I am going out with my friends, whether to the pub, a house or a party, every single second before we arrive I feel a sickening amount of dread. ... (1 replies)
... s, in a way this is like therapy in itself. Things are relatively normal around here but the tension will never fade. I like how you think that I will get better going off to college, as that is my belief as well. ... (55 replies)
... buspar. I quit Celexa 4 weeks ago and started right in on effexor and have practically gone off the deep end. How can a person be scared all of the time like I am and survive? ... (1 replies)
Help Me Please
Nov 23, 2012
... at the fair so my dad took me back I was so dizzy and felt so unreal it was hard to walk and function and I couldn't talk I was paralyzed by fear because it was so scary. ... (1 replies)
... The supervisor position didn't help with the worrying. I worry about everything that is possible to happen, but the chances of them actually happening, are not very good. Everytime my wife leaves the house, my thought is that something is going to happen to her. ... (26 replies)
Need advice
Jan 28, 2016
... Two weeks a ago I had a mental breakdown that led to a major break up with the love of my life. I was admitted to the hospital and am now going through therapy and counseling and am taking a prescribed antidepressant. ... (12 replies)
... friends. I remember asking him why but then I woke up. A also remember it like I was asking him repeated questions and it was like I was trying to get an answer out of him about something. I didn't get the answer though, he just said lets be friends. I woke up thinknig o k, what was that all about? ... (2 replies)
... When I'm not on my medication, I have this excessive fear of putting my arms or legs out of my bed because I think this alligator will try to eat my body parts. He is under my bed sometimes and wants to do what I fear that he will do. ... (2 replies)
... he just kept getting pissier. he told me his 20 year old daughter was there, which really pissed me off that he was yelling at me in front of her. he said he'd call me after she left, they were having lunch. ... (4 replies)
... I'm sort of like this, but am making a conscious effort to push myself out of it. I am naturally pessimistic, and I actually think that it's a lack of control thing...I myself fear being out of control and thus possibly experiencing things I don't want to. ... (7 replies)
... some times i think i have a mental problem i'll tell you whats all going through my head. it my be a normal growing up thing or what ever i just hope that its not a serious proble well here it goes. ... (2 replies)
... ined AA when I was about 12 years old. She also hated my father, she used to tell us that the only reason she was with him and her life was miserable was because of us kids. She finally left my father when I was 18 years old. ... (6 replies)
... No, I have never had counselling of any sorts for sexual molestation. Do you think that it is very important for me to go and see someone about that? ... (4 replies)

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