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... Hey I was reading this post and sounds like me..sorta..well, I went out with my friends durning the week and had a few to many drinks.. ... (16 replies)
Fear of Sleep
Mar 25, 2004
... I'll add my voice to the others in this thread who share your fear of falling asleep. ... (15 replies)
Fear of Sleep
Jan 20, 2004
... I am very sorry to hear your going through such a terrible fear...I have OCD too so I know all about that and when I started reading your post I thought "hum... ... (15 replies)

... Hi, I totally understand what you are going through... about 7 years ago I was driving and eating those red gummi swedish fish things, and one got stuck in my throat. ... (23 replies)
... or university. I come here seeking help about an issue that I have involving alcohol. First off, let me state that I have never drank before, aside from that sip of a beer out parents all give us when we we're young, I have never even tasted alcohol. I've been to one party, but didn't drink. ... (0 replies)
... Everyone with this disorder hear me out im a girl im 13 years old living in orlando started off i choked on a hot dog and now i have a fear of choking. ... (23 replies)
... Lately I feel like my mind is going out of control. I can not concentrate. Stray thoughts keep coming to the mind all the time. ... (1 replies)
... Whenever I am going out with my friends, whether to the pub, a house or a party, every single second before we arrive I feel a sickening amount of dread. ... (1 replies)
Sep 27, 2005
... at we hear that someone has witnessed their father abuse their mother, or vice versa...or has been physically abused...etc...we always think "oh my god! they are going to do that to me!" or "I am not ever going to be in a relationship that isn't abusive". ... (2 replies)
Fear of Sleep
Mar 17, 2004
... You need to change your way of thinking. You consider sleep a form of temporary dying. It's not. Sleep is a natural process for the body, and all LIVING things. Even plants go into a resting period. ... (15 replies)
Fear of Sleep
Jan 20, 2004
... I have a very weird problem. I have a fear of sleep. I'm not scared someone is going to hurt me while I'm asleep, I'm not scared of bad dreams, I'm scared of the actual act of sleep. ... (15 replies)
This is how I feel
Aug 11, 2002
... Most of the time I'm bored, depressed and anxious. I feel like life is passing me by and my fear of going out of the house and mingling and interacting with other people can bring on an anxiety attack. It's like I know I'm bored and want to do something about it. . . ... (1 replies)
... My question is this. I have been having this fear that I am going to die for about 4 years. It is usually when I am going to sleep and just about to fall asleep. ... (8 replies)
... Hey, I'm new to posting on here, but not new to reading tons of health forums every now and then over the past several years. ... (2 replies)
... it all started from a panic attack and during this panic attack I felt out of touch with reality and feel like ive been in a dream! I feel as if im going through the motions of life and floating. I have seen a therapist because my mom was worried but she knew it was anxiety! ... (1 replies)
... This swallowing is getting ridiculous. I live in fear everyday that I'll never be able to eat normally again. Are you now able to eat normal foods like meat, bread etc? ... (23 replies)
... Okay, so I am 20 years old and I have been diagnosed with ADHD,Bipolar,Depression, and OCD. For the past 4 months I have had a fear of taking my perscription pills and overdosing, and that I didnt trust myself around them.I was scared that I was just going to go crazy and just take them all. ... (0 replies)
... inently think it's ocd, i use to have that too. remember they're not really your thoughts, it's ocd, they are intrusive thoughts caused by ocd, and there is lots of help out there! ... (29 replies)
Am i going crazy?
Mar 18, 2008
... rthy generous and laid back girl they know. and my partners friends say it to him all the time, that he's lucky to have me and i'm one in a million just like one of the lads. yet even though i believe they're being honest i just can't get around it in my head. i just simply don't agree with them! ... (1 replies)
... I'm not sure where to start here, because this has been going on for quite some time, here we go anyway. About two years ago I started smoking weed. ... (3 replies)

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