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I am emotionless
Oct 11, 2010
... I have searched for articles, and anything related to being emotionless. My results have been few. I couldn't find anything useful. So I thought I would ask a forum about it. Is there anyone here that don't feel anything? Anyone that knows a way out of it? And if anyone asks, I am not in a major depression, am not crazy, and I'm not going to kill myself. I just don't feel... (3 replies)
... Hi, about 4 or 5 years ago I took prozac for about 6-8 weeks. I quit because It completely took away my emotions. But after quiting, the emotionless effect remained and I am still like that ( I'm not on any meds). For example if my emotions ranged from negative 10 to positive 10 ( negative being bad and positive being good emotions) I get only negative 1 to positive 1. Are... (8 replies)
... I have never 'Felt' an emotion as far as I can remember. I 'know' what I should be feeling and am completely aware of how others are feeling and can emphasise with them but I never use my emotions to do so. ... (4 replies)

... and wound up having to live with my 70 year old Mom and step dad and was rammed down in the ground...SO between that and the drugs and my illness I lost the feeling to have pain, dreaming, smiling, to feel touch on my body, laughter, crying, .enjoying beautiful things.....REally a weird thing...I talked to the doctor... ... (8 replies)
... hypothalamus may have made me more succeptible to the flat feeling produced by the prozac. But anyways, if anybody will know what's going on, and have some advice it will be the neurologist. ... (8 replies)
... O ya, side note. I had a odd experience tonight, and this has happened a time or two before. I took a 4 hour siesta in the lay-z-boy, and during that time i had a dream about a girl, and it was one of those odd dreams where you can kinda think, well anyways, I felt in love with her, ( i don't know what the sharks and kung fu in the dream meant....)and for about 30 seconds... (8 replies)
... leaking feeling in my left ear. ... (4 replies)
... eya chris i know you posted this a long time ago but boy am i glad to have found your blog!! i am just newly out of phycosis and am experiancing the same thing as you i am 18 and it is so hard waking up everyday wondering if i will ever be back to my old self!! but it is getting better very very slowly!! i blame it on the meds to!! they have done something to my brain!! anyway... (8 replies)
... at because I have several family members and I know it would be selfish of me to put them through that. Out of highschool I wanted to join the army because I was feeling reckless, I wanted to do something dangerous where I can forget about the problems of everyday life. and plus, if i died, it wouldnt really be my fault. ... (7 replies)
... Hey Jodie, I'm sorry to hear you were misdiagnosed, it seems to happen to a lot of people. I crammed everything i could learn about endocrinology into my head, and convinced the docs to run the tests and it turned out I was right, I got a little irritated about that! I'm sorry to hear what happend to you caused you so much grief in your life, way more then what it did to me.... (8 replies)
... hey I thought I was the only one that, that happened to. I mean I lost allllll of my emotions....this is amazing that I stummbled across this...okay this is what I have been dong to get them back...Like stornger suggested watch ALOT of comedy and good old time CArtoons.....I went to the animal shelter and sat in the middle of about 14 puppies and felt their warmth and... (8 replies)
... Hey Strongernow, thanks for the input, I agree with you about the stress and it's effect (8 replies)
... I don't know but when I get super stressed out I start to not have much emotions. I know that time and comedy will help. Try not to force. Just try to relax and use comedy and cartoons as a helper. See if that works a bit for you. (8 replies)
Not sure why.
Apr 24, 2004
... There would be so many things in that short trip that would irk me, mostly to do with what I find is the annoying behaviours of others. Most of the time I feel emotionless and I can go days without saying two words to another human being and actually be content that people are leaving me alone. ... (5 replies)

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