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... Well here is 'my life story' sorry the text might get messy but i hope someone can diagnose me somehow, or advice me or something that might help me... ... (6 replies)
... year old with a few problems. I really don't know if they're normal or not. I've never shared any problems with my head with anybody. ... (1 replies)
... i never got an answer to this because i never asked,. in the assessment, they asked if ive ever hallucenated or heard voices. ... (6 replies)

... e they just all used me or backstabbed in some way, and I prefer to be alone anyway. I really like being alone, with my kids. I hate it when the phone rings or someone rings the doorbell. I act like I'm not home. Even to my mom or neighbors, they didn't call first, I hate when people just STOP BY. ... (3 replies)
... hey will be constructive and help you move forward. There is hope and you wont always feel like this. You should start to journal, writting and expressing myself has helped me rid myself of silly thoughts. Speak light over situations other then darkness it will help. ... (1 replies)
... YO and been having some problems which I don't know where they belong so may be this is the place. I'm really against talking my problems because I feel that if there is an answer then it hides within me. ... (1 replies)
Obessive thoughts
Apr 17, 2005
... not everyone with ocd takes on the ritual hand washing...lint on carpet drives me insane. i can't go to bed if i know there is a dirty dish in the sink. alot of my ocd revolves around cleaning. i have issues with my toothbrush... ... (5 replies)
... I am 19 years old and my fear is something that i hate about myself. Every single day my mind is flooding with thoughts of throwing up or someone around me throwing up. The worst is if someone has the flu. ... (2 replies)
... Things like , I catch a glimpse at something I dont like , if there's a poster up or something with a colour that's goin to remind me of something. I try not to look at it. ... (1 replies)
... ple never say out loud but I hear them negative messages. Like I have special powers and esp. Right now I am being completely overloaded with negative voices and thoughts and loosing my grip on what reality really is and what I really think. Does that make any sense? ... (7 replies)
... First of all, I have no idea if this is the right board, so sorry if it isn't. ... (2 replies)
... You appear to have a wandering mind. You say you want to just sit in your room and listen to the enlightening voices and learn. Well this sounds as if your mind wanders, and "plays out" your thoughts. This is not a bad thing, but the problem will wander everywhere... ... (7 replies)
... I posted this here because I wasn't sure of a better spot. I'm new to the forum, so if you know of a board on this site that might be better suited to this post please let me know. ... (5 replies)
... i am getting concerned about my mental state. i dont think its new, its just now past a point i can take. i have bad thoughts that are unwanted and i dont know where they come from. all i can think is that it is fear. ... (6 replies)
I'm So Confused.
Feb 22, 2010
... The traumatic events that I had to deal with gave me an awkward sort of elitist complex about myself. I feel as if my mind has matured way farther past most people's usually go. A good explanation could be looking up Kohlberg's three stages for moral development. ... (3 replies)
... often the bad performance was due to my own feeling of fright of doing wrong, not even so much of the lack of talent. ... (7 replies)
Obessive thoughts
Apr 17, 2005
... n be many different forms of OCD . It all depends on the person. One person might feel like everything needs to be organized, in perfect order, etc. or something bad will happen, or another person might feel like everything like everything needs to be in order and organized, simply because it causes them anxiety if it isn't. ... (5 replies)
... For me though my mind kept returning to the thoughts of anxiety, panic, and the scary thought that I felt like I was going crazy. I was able to distract myself, and on occasion it completely went away. ... (7 replies)
Help Please....
Mar 7, 2007
... My advice would be to get some exercise during the day. It has a way of calming the mind, lifting mood, and promoting natural restful sleep. Also, if you can talk with someone about this before bed, it should help change your thoughts to be more positive. Getting it off your chest defuses negative thoughts. ... (7 replies)
... I'm not expert, but I think here is what you have to consider. You can't change him. He is hurting you more often than not. A toxic sort of relationship. If he is causing you more pain than good, then it is healthiest for both of you to break it off. ... (9 replies)

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