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... Hey you guys, I also have his tendancy and I appreciate yall for starting and continuing this topic, and making people feel a little less weird about what they're doing. ... (98 replies)
... Hey guys, I'm not sure how old this thread is, but I was searching on google about talking to imaginary people and this popped up so I had to stop in. What I've read so far has seriously shocked me. I thought I was the ONLY one who did this. ... (98 replies)
... That you understand these aren't people, and are concerned are signs that you're not crazy. Besides, I doubt imaginary conversations are rare among people. ... (3 replies)

... the only voice you do is your own, but you're talking to other people, whose answers are in your head. See, I either do scenarios as my characters completely in my head without uttering a word or I do the voices of my characters out loud. ... (98 replies)
... o act out are very profound and deep, like epic level, with spiritual experiences and deaths and being saved, and all that high Titanic movie level drama missing in daily life. These stories have emotional levels that simply aren't experienced in my normal life or probably most people's. ... (98 replies)
... elp me to get things off my chest and to feel like i have someone there to listen when i need it, only thing is i dont actually talk to myself out loud, its just in my thoughts and imagination. ... (98 replies)
... I like to have debate with my people, or discuss the issues that i have on my mind. I guess becuase I don't feel comfortable talking to real people about them. ... (98 replies)
... Well, when I'm talking, my mind has to create the words of the other people in my scenario. I mean that I have to imagine what theyre saying, too, so that I can keep on talking. ... (98 replies)
... Yes I think this is normal. It's like the brain's way of imagining, and creativity. I always dream and imagine conversations with real people in my life, conversations I would like to have with them, I would imagine what they would say to me and have whole converstions with real people in my head. ... (8 replies)
... I tend to be much more connected with my male chacters too, I have made very elaborate backgrounds for them, were the girls I dont feel as connected to, and I'm female too, thats odd. ... (98 replies)
... I do this have done since I was 14, I fell in love with a teacher? ... (98 replies)
... I too have the same thing going on in my world. Over the years, "who" the imaginary people are has adapted with my changes in environment and company. I have found the recurring theme in character to be former teachers and professors. ... (98 replies)
... this before. I have been living with this since I was a kid. So I'm going to just get it all out now. So, like I said, ever since I was a kid, I have been having imaginary conversations with people who are not there. ... (3 replies)
... I came here looking for something else, stumbled upon this thread and am quite happy to find that a lot of people seem to go through this! ... (98 replies)
... a "soap opera" in your head! ... (98 replies)
... when you talk as one of your imaginary people, do you feel as if you're taking on their actions and become the embodiment of their personality? ... (98 replies)
... I recognised it very quickly and knew something wasnt right. I tried to overcome it by focusing more on what I was doing but it would eventually happen again as my mind eventually drifted back off. It diddnt happen alot, only now and again, when i wasn't fully focused on the task at hand. ... (98 replies)
... yeah I think I do this self talk thing in my head because of all the harmful crap I have taken in the past because of who I am and how society has ignorantly reacted to my anxiety disorder. ... (98 replies)
... magination," but I also agree with olguta that it's more than that because we can't stop it. The fact that it's beyond our control signifies that it's compulsive in some way. I was sorting my psychiatric research last night, and I found an article I printed out that I had forgotten about. ... (98 replies)
... thread and does the same thing that you all mention. The thing is, I have been reading through all of your explanations on what exactly you talk about with the people you create, but I still feel that what I do is strange and different from even you guys. ... (98 replies)

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