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... year old with a few problems. I really don't know if they're normal or not. I've never shared any problems with my head with anybody. ... (1 replies)
... Hello everyone... Well I came here looking for help and to see if whats happening to me is normal... ... (5 replies)
... It also sounds like there may be a reason for it, however, since it abruptly began when you were ten. Is there anything you can remember around that time that would make you feel you and your family needed to die at your hand? ... (4 replies)

... A few chosen friends know a few details, but that's as far as it goes. ... (4 replies)
... Im on medication for mental health issues including depression but i have this wierd obsession which is still there in my mind. ... (3 replies)
Is it nothing?
Jan 13, 2005
... I don't want to make my problems sound worse then they are... But I don't really know how bad they are to begin with. I'm concerned, but I don't know if I should be... Does that make sence? ... (3 replies)
... You feel that you are normal because you don't know any other way to be. You do not have to be angry and uncaring. ... (4 replies)
... i wrote this post a year and a half ago and nothing has really changed..I'm going to add additional info to the's a log read but I would greatly appreciate any sort of feedback you feel necessary. ... (0 replies)
Weird Thoughts
Feb 28, 2006
... It only lasted 6 months,and I got him back, but it was enough to send me over the edge. I just about plain gave up. My family intervened and got me to a doc for some pills. It isn't part of my permanent record, but the pills helped. ... (13 replies)
... Well here is 'my life story' sorry the text might get messy but i hope someone can diagnose me somehow, or advice me or something that might help me... ... (6 replies)
... Sorry I've took so long to get back to you. ... (3 replies)
... It could be, depending on the nature of the thoughts. When you get these thoughts and images, is it just a random morose picture? ... (14 replies)
... No I'm not a psychologist and I'm so happy to see that you realize the trutj about what these thoughts are. ... (20 replies)
... er, and i would get a lot of panic attacks at night because i would think i was going to die in my sleep, it was a scary thing that i went through but i got over it and now this happens, which i prefer to keep thinking i had every disease under the sun instead of this dumb thought and image. Ughhh sucks when you're in it. ... (20 replies)
Is my mind normal?
Nov 12, 2008
... Rcing thoughts is a symptom of anxiety. I have the same problem where i have so many thoughts my head feels as if it's splitting and i get exhausted. I also have the problem with songs playing in my head. ... (7 replies)
Is my mind normal?
Nov 10, 2008
... Hiya, Ive always had strange thoughts troughout my life, thought of my self as quite an eccentric and had an artistic imagination.... ... (7 replies)
... Not everyone with OCD feels they have to do compulsions, I'm going to use myself as an example, my compulsion is writing, beyond that you'd never know I had OCD. Some people don't have any compulsions at all, which is called pure obsessional OCD. ... (5 replies)
... All my life I feel like I have not had any mental problems but once December began winding down and my semester began ending I started to get panic attacks and some severe anxiety. ... (7 replies)
... stuff. This year i have become very very paranoid to the point where i believe that nothing is real... people are watching me at all times... ... (8 replies)
... though your friend may have overt compulsions, in my opinion, us pure obsessionals live a worse hell. ... (11 replies)

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