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... ive never been on lex so i cant really say but i do agree that the xanax makes me feel normal...i mean i dont wanna get addicted and i havent taken it more than two days in a row EXCEPT FOR the third day i tried to go without it but my daughter was stressing me out (she is 4) and i felt dizzy and just anxious so i had to take one...and i felt badly bout it but im... (27 replies)
... times a week seemed to quell my anxiety but I was so afraid of becoming addicted to it despite my limited usage, that I visited my doctor and went on Lexapro 10mg. back in Oct. '06. Initially the Lexapro sent my anxiety thru the roof! I was so anxious I did nothing but pace and thought I would die. ... (27 replies)
... I believe Xanax as all Benzo's, just mask your symptoms. You can also become addicted to them very easily. SSRI's such as Lexapro actually help change your brain chemistry, which is probably giving you your problems in the first place. ... (27 replies)

... of a pill...even though ppl told me that was nothing...i got that advice from someone who takes lexapro now and is well into it...and started that way.... ... (27 replies)
... depressants still take a benzo i mean i dont know what the dif. ... (27 replies)
... The nurse practitioner at my oncologist prescribed Lexapro a few months back. ... (27 replies)
... Thanks, zeyavia, I was wondering, what mg you are taking of Lexapro and how long have you taken it? ... (27 replies)
... I've been on Lexapro before, but I don't remember how I felt when I was on it. Also I have been taking Xanax too, it does help you feel more relaxed. ... (27 replies)
... And so how are things going with the Lexapro? You mentioned you were on it a week now. How much are you taking daily? Are you glad you are taking it? I am wondering that if I start mine, if I will have a hard time stopping and if the anxiety will come back when I do get off of it. Is this something ELSE I will have to take for the rest of my life? I am also still so concerned... (27 replies)
... well the first few days on the lex were fine...i used the xanax only once a day NOW however i have used it twice a day i can FEEL when the xanax is gone out of my body..i get real anxious and i dont know if that is my regular anxiety or the lex making me more nervous i feel bad taking a pill like xanax when i used to be so scared of i treat it like its... (27 replies)
... Please keep us posted with how the Lexapro is going. I'm supposed to be starting on it in a few days and I am nervous about the anxiety, hair loss, weight gain and loss of sexual drive. ... (27 replies)
... There's nothing wrong with trying the medication (Lexapro) to see if it helps. It might be the answer for you....but you won't know until you give it a try. (27 replies)
... i had a typo...i mean im just NOW getting used to the xanax..instead of NOT which is what i wrote i did talk to him...he said xanax shouldnt be used long term due to addiction but said if it helps then that is good...that is the goal...he said go ahead and take one a day or two...i dont know i mean just now i took my daughter to the store and had no anxiety...she was being... (27 replies)
... yeah im overly paranoid though i mean if im at work and i go the bathroom and leave my drink out...BEHIND the counter...i still wont feel comfy drinking it...i just am so paranoid someone put something in my drink but then again i have had that happen to me before so maybe that is why...all our fears are founded i guess so what would you suggest ride it out with the xanax... (27 replies)
... i dont wanna have worse anxiety...but i guess if i have the xanax then ill be ok was it all day long type of thing or just when you had an attack it was much worse???? i def. need something...i really feel i have some imbalance of some type i dont think normal thoughts...i i bought two waters cause the one i opened and it seemed to open too easily so i got... (27 replies)
... first of all i wish you well with your cancer basically i have anxiety...that is my major issue but i get depressed due to it ya know...they say lexapro can help with the anxiety but i dont know if i have enough courage to find out i am also scared my dr. will cut me off from the xanax...i talked to him and told him it helped me but HE REALLY wanted me to try the lex...but... (27 replies)
... as of now im ok cause i havent been taking it everyday...the most i have ever taken is two days in a row at .25 mg. ONCE so im not at that withdrawl phase as of yet (27 replies)
... Whatever you do, do not stop taking xanax cold turkey.. It's really dangerous, tell your doctor before getting off. I've been on xanax for 2 years now and stayed at the same mgs so that is possible. I also took them with anti depressant (Prozac and Lexapro).. Of course I'm no doctor so I suggest you give him a call.. Good Luck! (27 replies)
... My psychiatrist put me on klonopin at night and lexapro 10 mg for insomnia related to severe anxiety about not sleeping. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks so much for your reply! I have been communicating with my doctor almost every other day and she has been GREAT and very reassuring. apparently the symptoms (jitters) that I was getting were likely an early symptom of Serotonin syndrome (too much serotonin). Apparently when weening from one medication to another everyone is different (in terms of how quickly the body... (4 replies)

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