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Negative thoughts!
Jul 29, 2007
... You are deffinitely not alone in this. I have some of the exact same thoughts as you. One time while driving I was thinking what would happen if I crashed into an overpass, which I would never do on purpose. ... (12 replies)
... I was always active, loved life, had no care in the world. However, around the age of ten, I guess I developed a fear of anything health related. ... (2 replies)
... ke when Im a pedestrian, watching cars go by and I'll have this thought like " what if that car didn't stop at that light" and an entire scene actually plays out in my head, actually to the point where it's as if Im daydreaming and It can be for a few seconds of minutes. ... (14 replies)

... I have a history of depression but its been under control since I'm taking Lexapro. I no longer cry frequently and my sadness is under control, but I find myself thinking about devastating scenarios on a daily basis. ... (14 replies)
... polar disorder, there is no high or rush of happy possitive thoughts. I do not feel ever like life is great and good. I don't have that up side, unfortunately. My mood flucuates from feeling like I am not going to die today to wanting to die. ... (7 replies)
... You appear to have a wandering mind. You say you want to just sit in your room and listen to the enlightening voices and learn. Well this sounds as if your mind wanders, and "plays out" your thoughts. ... (7 replies)
... I was always active, loved life, had no care in the world. However, around the age of ten, I guess I developed a fear of anything health related. ... (0 replies)
... I have weird thoughts in my head. Paranoid thoughts. I have thoughts that if I say something negative to people then that will happen to me. So because of those thoughts I never say anything negative to people. ... (6 replies)
Eminating Evil
Oct 15, 2012
... are on the same wave length in many ways. ... (35 replies)
... All my life I've been a pretty paranoid kid. First it was scared of bees and thunderstorms..and as I matured,so did my worries. But none of them ever crippled my life in a negative way. I always just seemed to obsessively worry alot. ... (1 replies)
... thanks for the info. i looked around on the net and saw the symptoms for borderline and major depressive disorders and met most of them. so i figure it could be that. i guess i wouldnt know for sure unles i saw the doctor. but i doubt i will anytime, which doesnt help me lol thanks again (6 replies)
... me. I get the majority of what you describe with the exception of the sexual stuff. I take a lot of antidepressants that have killed any iota of sexual energy in my body, I never think about sex. The racing thoughts are probably tied into anxiety somehow but where the thoughts come from is a different story. ... (6 replies)
... Take the thought as a possibility and go in a direction that would lead to success. ... (7 replies)
... I know, I guess I should not be worried about having it on my records and stuff. It's all just happened a bit fast with all of these events. ... (5 replies)
... know it is never that easy. It's almost as though our emotions override any practical methods of dealing with the situation and therefore, result in unrestrained behavior. ... (4 replies)
... Yet I have been so sad all these years when I think that others are judging me in the same way. ... (5 replies)
... Well, i guess i should write about my past since i guess is the root of this... ... (6 replies)
... I talk to myself in my head. ... (9 replies)
Internal dialogue.
Jul 16, 2007
... Just constantly having conversations with oneself, talking nonsense, as if there is someone else in my head talking to me all the time, offering up negative, opposing thoughts to each of my own. ... (3 replies)
... i am getting concerned about my mental state. i dont think its new, its just now past a point i can take. i have bad thoughts that are unwanted and i dont know where they come from. all i can think is that it is fear. ... (6 replies)

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