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... I know other people have probably experienced this, but i'm very confused as to why it happens and what could contribute. ... (7 replies)
... tions to provoke me. But today I noticed that I'm still having some paranoia. I'm not hearing voices anymore, but I still get the feeling everyone is watching me and out to get me. I was diagnosed with pure obsessional OCD and I've noticed most of my obsessions are in line with my paranoia and stuff. ... (11 replies)
... I have this excessive fear of putting my arms or legs out of my bed because I think this alligator will try to eat my body parts. He is under my bed sometimes and wants to do what I fear that he will do. I have never seen him before, but I never know if he's real or not. ... (2 replies)

... compulsive thoughts. I too obsess over mental health and undestand how hard it is. You should REALLY check out the OCD board here because it helped me so much because I realized I had OCD and wasn't completely nuts! ... (6 replies)
Jun 7, 2009
... I made the mistake of stopping my meds twice and I'll never do it again. ... (1 replies)
Jun 5, 2009
... I've been diagnosed with major depression, mood disorder, OCD, and anxiety. ... (1 replies)
... and can compile a list of everything I can find about this and put it together for my new doctor. ... (21 replies)
May 13, 2004
... maybe you could check out the board there and get some advice on what to do? ... (3 replies)
... Having said that, you could be quite insecure when it comes to your looks, even though the world thinks you are confident and quite beautiful. ... (7 replies)
Parasite Paranoia
Dec 18, 2006
... Anxiety. People can fully convinve themselves that there are parasites everywhere and can not relax until they believe all of them are gone. There are medication for this but the best thing is therapy. ... (1 replies)
... i feel the same problem problem. Where I go, people looking at me. I am 29 and suffer from last 4 month. I feel like i lost my freedom. ... (7 replies)
... This is a big part of it. When something looks different than the rest. That will happen (7 replies)
... Hey. Sounds pretty miserable. Maybe it's a social anxiety or aversion. Like by depression or OCD or somehting. Might have something to do with the religion thing and paranoia too. Only guesses. ... (1 replies)
... And guess what... you can have OCD AND Bi-polar disorder at the same time. (kind of like having diabetes and a touch of paranoia too) (6 replies)
... I've been seeing a psych and a counselor for a few weeks to see if I might have ADD. They go back and forth saying I do and I don't. I don't feel like I'm getting much out of it at this point. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for your input. I'm not sure if i can afford to see another doctor. It's so hard finding one I can be open and honest with so I'm always left going through a lot. I was quite shocked when he told me i needed to go on that medicine because i don't consider myself that bad. ... (6 replies)
... hrt rate of about 200 beats per min i am serious... my usual hrt rate like it is now is only 82 beats per min.. so i stops the meds right away... but i need them and i dont want snri cus sends me to manic and trylics scares me sends me into panick as it slows me right down... ... (9 replies)
... All my life I've been a pretty paranoid kid. First it was scared of bees and thunderstorms..and as I matured,so did my worries. But none of them ever crippled my life in a negative way. I always just seemed to obsessively worry alot. ... (1 replies)
Jul 25, 2007
... I was very naive most of the time. Until this day, I still won't accept that I have this disease because I don't want it. I think it's my ocd that keeps making me think that it was the drugs that did this to me. My doctors keep telling me it's not because of the drugs. ... (47 replies)
... I have major depression with psychotic features, bulimia, OCD, paranoia, bpd, and self injury. I was diagnosed with this stuff in October 2002...not all at once though the diagnosis' came gradually from that time forward. ... (5 replies)

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