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... I know other people have probably experienced this, but i'm very confused as to why it happens and what could contribute. ... (7 replies)
... Me too. I am the same way...........I think it is rude when people stare for a very long period of time.......does make me insecure.........I try to take good care of myself.........just really bothers me............please tell me what helps you. ... (7 replies)
... eating anxiety and made it so bad i couldnt seem to talk right and had a very real scare of ambarassment in front of people, even friends and family, and it made me not want to go out and do things i wanted to do and be confortable around other people, because i though i couldnt do it and people would stare at me,.... ... (20 replies)

... Yes! im 18 and hav always bin like that as long as i can remember. those around me like my parents and stuff know im like that tho. ... (14 replies)
... and just sit there in silence, i have NEVER raised my hand in class. I only really spoke to people if i was drunk. ... (2 replies)
... an, used to meditate until my thoughts became reality....BOY was that scary...don't let that happen....have seen my share of psyhologists, all who have suggested at illnesses such as bipolar or major depression, but never been pinpointed. I don't think there is anything wrong with me OR you, I just think we think too much. ... (8 replies)
... Hello, I wanted to ask I anyone has any advice for me regarding my inability to have a good nights sleep. I'm 19, male and don't suffer from any major mental health issues. ... (0 replies)
... like there is some peeping tom and i'm afraid that someone will bust into my apartment and kill me. I stay inside a lot to aviod social situation or even seeing people that don't like me. ... (5 replies)
Impending Insanity
Jul 14, 2009
... as especially true in my Senior Philosophy class, where I maintained the top score out of forty students without ever picking up the book. I guess you could call me a deep thinker. Now I am going into college this fall with Anthropology and Philosophy in mind, to perhaps become a teacher. ... (12 replies)
... on for my looks. I never really had friends, boys would avoid me. I was pretty much alone when growing up...I am 22 now. I even remember as a child, no one told me I was pretty, or would tell my parents they had a pretty child but I remember people saying it to all the other little girls.. ... (4 replies)
... ings that many people experience which is essentially the same thing, but I have always been very much alone in dealing with my mental health with no one to help me understand what happens to me. ... (5 replies)
... a long post. I believe that I may have social anxiety disorder because I have always from the time I was a child had the fear that everyone that I see is staring at me, talking about me or making fun of me, and because at the age of 28, fear of rejection has kept me from ever going on a date or having any friends. ... (3 replies)
Feeling distant
Jan 12, 2014
... When I'm with my friends at college, I just can't be bothered to make the effort sometimes and I tune them out, it's like I've suddenly forgotten how to interact. ... (3 replies)
... and It did not seem real at all, I am worried this was a hallucination, but because it didn't seem real maybe it was just an imagination as the person on TV had just talked about Jesus. ... (2 replies)
Social Anxiety?
Sep 5, 2005
... on a daily basis. Don't worry, like knotme said, public speaking is just a skill. It means that if you are willing to put the effort, you can be as good as those people who have this skill naturally. ... (3 replies)
Help Me Please
Nov 23, 2012
... at the fair so my dad took me back I was so dizzy and felt so unreal it was hard to walk and function and I couldn't talk I was paralyzed by fear because it was so scary. ... (1 replies)
... lem. It started out with pulling my eyebrows and eyelashes and has moved on to pulling the hair on my head. It got better for a while, but it is really getting me down now. ... (2 replies)
What is this
Jul 14, 2005
... I've been checking into some disorders but am confused. I shall try to explain my problems to you, so bear with me. Recently i havent been able to sleep. I stare at the wall and cannont go to bed. my dad thinks its because i stayed up late one night and never caught up. ... (2 replies)
... i am 19 years old and i have been daydreaming excessively since i was at least 12. i use to get in trouble at school because my teacher would tell my mother that i would always daydream. she would tell my mother that it seemed like i was in my own world. ... (3 replies)
... d me and that he didnt want to be with me anymore, I was monitoring how much he contacted me by my cell and felt that he was neglecting me, he got so fed up with me that he didnt even want to see me anymore, he came and saw me anyways and everything was fine. ... (13 replies)

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