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Psychotic Break?
Oct 21, 2006
... Does this sound like a psychotic break? ... (1 replies)
... One of my diagnosis is severe major depressive disorder with psychotic features. The meds that have worked best are anti psychotics such as Zyprexa and Seroquel. ... (2 replies)
... omehat diferent from yours maybe I dunno. Here is what happened to me . I started having depression around 1983 maybe earlier then in 1994 I started having minor psychotic problems . ... (3 replies)

... words I heard from her were 'I love you too' on the phone. I don't understand what happened or why all of this is going on. During the few weeks right after the break up I had extremely unsettling psychotic thoughts. I couldn't wrap my brain around anything. ... (3 replies)
... It sure was much more then a panic attack..I wonder if someone had slipped a drug into something you were drinking? (1 replies)
... This has only happened once. But I have suffered several small panic attacks from simply remembering the indecent. I would like some insight into what could have possibly happened to me. This happened about a year ago. There was a party going on at my apartment, my room mate's friends were over. My girlfriend was over, we had just got a new kitten, everything was cool.... (1 replies)
... I tried to see if I could fine the titles of any books that would be helpful for you with some "self-help" advice. I found some books about other personality disorders, which you might find helpful. Are you near Vancouver or are you in the interior in BC? You could go to a book store and look at the "self-help" section to see if there are any books that seem like they... (12 replies)
... He really needs to be checked out by a professional. It could be a number of different things such as a psychotic break but due to his age early onset dementia and Alzheimer's needs to be looked at. ... (5 replies)
Psychotic Break?
Oct 22, 2006
... Dissasociation is somewhat commen in people suffering from a variety of illnesses and disorders. Also some medications are known to cause it. It happens to me when my stress level gets to high it is like my brain is trying to protect me from me trg247 (1 replies)
Break the taboo
Jul 28, 2005
... Have you ever had a mental illness? It's difficult for people who haven't to understand that it isn't a case of some sort of political oppression. It is madness, insanity, having your brain held down under water, losing all sense of who you are, being so depressed that you can no longer function. You are no longer aware of the world. Or you're out there being a danger to... (4 replies)
I'm So Confused.
Feb 22, 2010
... Without getting into any details, my childhood was bad. It'd take far too long to type it up, but just know that it was incredibly wearing on my mental well-being. During all of this I was incredibly depressed and stuff, you know, the normal things that come with a rough past. The times were harsh right up until college when I got to move away, but they had been getting... (3 replies)
... I break down and start crying every once in a while. ... (5 replies)
... The diagnosis of psychosis or any kind of psychotic disorder would only come after everything else had been ruled out. ... (14 replies)
... There is no such thing as a 'nervous breakdown'. Two illnesses fall into that made up category, anxiety and psychotic episodes. You don't sound like you're about to suffer either of them. ... (6 replies)
... He said they were probably related to either severe depression, a phychotic break, or some kind of developping psychotic disorder. But they're gone now. ... (22 replies)

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