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... We have read a lot of stuff about Xanax withdrawal symptoms and she has had a lot of them. Right now though she is having extreme problems with constipation. ... (2 replies)
Apr 9, 2002
... I have carried Xanax with me for 6 years for Panic disorder, I probably took the medication a total of 6 times in that period. ... (10 replies)
... which was a miracle. For the first time all phobic symptoms disapeared and there were no side effects even with the maximum dose. ... (16 replies)

... hat suffer all sorts of strange things. My issues I also feel are very unique and can be devastating on occasion. I wonder first if anyone else has heard of such symptoms as those I am about to describe and is there anything that might help like St. Johns Wort? ... (9 replies)
... I believe Xanax as all Benzo's, just mask your symptoms. You can also become addicted to them very easily. ... (27 replies)
Apr 8, 2002
... or medical problems... thus indicating a true withdrawal syndrome. A person taking a benzodiazepine for muscle spasms from a back injury, for example, would have symptoms of insomnia, anxiety and depression upon discontinuation and sometimes for a protracted amount of time! ... (10 replies)
... Also I'm on 15 mg of Lexapro daily, 1 mg of Xanax before bed, and for when I have really bad anxiety, Oxazepam 15 mg x2 a day. It eases the feelings of anxiety and let's me breathe, but that's about all. ... (6 replies)
Apr 8, 2002
... dical, some with anxiety, insomnia, or in situations that caused anxiety, like job, marital stresses and bereavement. Most of these people are suffering horrific symptoms now during withdrawal for a protracted amount of time because they want so bad to be free of these pills..... ... (10 replies)
Apr 9, 2002
... es who developed tolerance and was forced into withdrawals. Of course, I did find out later that ignorant doctor started me out at a higher dose, and for medical symptoms that should have resolved themselves! ... (10 replies)
... Just one thing, dont expect any med to make you feel confident like some movie star. If they work the symptoms you have will disapear or be reduced, but this doesnt mean that your personality will change to whatever you want to be. ... (16 replies)
Serzone Withdrawl
May 30, 2003
... Take that long at least to get off of it and if you are doing it because of the black label scare and it works for you, consider staying on it. If you are taking xanax or Klonopin be careful because serzone increases the magnitude of xanax and can be very dangerous lowering your xanax level. ... (2 replies)
Losing my mind...
Dec 11, 2001
... I felt like I was going to die. From that point on my symptoms became worse. ... (7 replies)
... have shown symptoms of this at a VERY young age, and I think that what everyone did was just told me that I was "weird" and no one recognized that I was showing symptoms of any type of anxiety or mood disorder. ... (0 replies)
... Cindi- Sorry to hear you are having so many problems :( What worked for me and changed my life was Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) It got me off all meds after years of taking them and now I am feeling better than ever. It's all about using the tools to learn to think more clearly and accurately about things and once you do your anxiety and depression will miraculously... (2 replies)
... Help! Have had a cough for 4 years which resulted in 5 fractured ribs 3 years ago. Doctors can't find a medical cause for the cough (psychogenic?). I find in times of stress - the cough gets worse.......which results in anxiety over coughing more and fracturing my ribs again. Was on 10 mg Prozac for 4 years to alleviate menopause symptoms - went off it in March. Was also... (2 replies)
... f tests are showing nothing, I would say you are a good candidate for a stronger medication, such a Klonopin. Although I I am on Xanax, they prefer Klonopin over xanax because it lasts longer and is better for long term use. ... (7 replies)
Losing my mind...
Dec 16, 2001
... annoyance when I'm in the middle of saying something or in a conversation and I have to stop and think about what it was I was just thinking. I'm not taking the Xanax regularily and I'm against doing so unless I have to because of its addictive potential. ... (7 replies)
Fear of traveling
May 25, 2005
... I have the same problem and know many others who have that same anxiety with traveling. Xanax really helps. If you just take a small dosage before the trip it will calm you down. ... (4 replies)
Sep 20, 2003
... out. In all honesty, the only relief I've found is with xanax. I only take. .25 at a time and never more than .5 a day, but it seems that after I've taken the xanax I'll eventually get myself together. and in all honesty, just knowing that I've got something that will help seems to ward the symptoms off. anyhow. it sucks. ... (7 replies)
... becoming VERY dizzy, my breathing increased, my body felt like someone had lit a fire inside of it, I was very tense and was scared that I was going to die. The symptoms continued with slightly decreasing severity for the next 4 days and also included insomnia. ... (7 replies)

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