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... three years since your post but I hope you are still active on this board. I have exactly same problem as you mentioned. I have been searching the net for sometime and was not sure where or what to look when I found your thread. ... (98 replies)
... I talk to imaginary people. They are not imaginary people that I actually see or hear. They are just imaginary people that I visualize intuitively. When I was 14 it was a fake mom and dad, I guess to replace my divorced parents. ... (98 replies)
... I do some similar things, but I do not mix it in with my happy fantasy world. When I am in more of a mood to be realistic, I'll imagine that some kids I know have been kidnapped and I am trying to rescue them... and other weird things. ... (98 replies)

... its weird really. i mean, its easy to explain but so weird to actually understand in a way. ... (98 replies)
... Hey you guys, I also have his tendancy and I appreciate yall for starting and continuing this topic, and making people feel a little less weird about what they're doing. ... (98 replies)
... I'm a teen and I do this too.I have an imaginary buddy who I talk to a lot. I also talk to what I call "Mind Versions" of real people. Say I have a friend named Joe. ... (1 replies)
... I too have the same thing going on in my world. Over the years, "who" the imaginary people are has adapted with my changes in environment and company. I have found the recurring theme in character to be former teachers and professors. ... (98 replies)
... My sister has schizophrenia and she talks to people that aren't there and laughs sometimes for hours, then sometimes she fights with the imaginary people and will slap at herself but when I ask her about it she gets angry at me and says I don't know what they are saying. ... (98 replies)
... d with them...except in my head, of course. The last three Barbies I had were a set of triplets that I had created from very similar looking dolls. I cannot tell you how long afterwards I used them! ... (98 replies)
... Alright, I have been doing some research on this for a couple days but I can not find any answers. It's been getting pretty bad lately and I need to know if I should seek professional help. ... (3 replies)
... when you talk as one of your imaginary people, do you feel as if you're taking on their actions and become the embodiment of their personality? ... (98 replies)
... is is the one unanswerable question, I would love to find out if this even has a name, when I told my therapist I ha complicated and emotional relationships with imaginary people she just smiled and said it sounds like your lonely! ... (98 replies)
... I cannot believe it! I have the same problem. I am glad to hear of others who experience the same thing I do. ... (98 replies)
... this happens as well to me as so. ... (98 replies)
... the only voice you do is your own, but you're talking to other people, whose answers are in your head. ... (98 replies)
... I am yet another person who has come across this thread and does the same thing that you all mention. ... (98 replies)
... At least you are not the only one. I talk to myself and do the same things alot. ... (1 replies)
... I like to have debate with my people, or discuss the issues that i have on my mind. I guess becuase I don't feel comfortable talking to real people about them. ... (98 replies)
... th him, we would talk and laugh and even with the aid of my pillow kiss, it was all I had, I had no friends and my mother drank my sisters are tough and not east to talk to then, I just felt I had an escape, I have been in and out of mental health care since I was sixteen, they say I have a personality disorder! ... (98 replies)
... Everything you wrote I ditto. Sometimes I take my soap opera people and use them to do things for I'll pretend I'm D when I have to exercise or I'll pretend I'm K teaching M when I have to do a sense, explaining it to myself. I even have dreams with my soap people. ... (98 replies)

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