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Try not to worry. There are many reasons why you would have spots on your lung. The following is what I've found from the internet in response to someone who has the exact same question as you:

"A nodule is a small, round shadow or spot seen on chest x-ray or CT scan anywhere in the lungs. Nodules are due to infections, inflammation, or tumors. There are many causes of ďspots on the lung.Ē At your age, these 2 spots are most likely granulomas. A granuloma is a small cluster or nodule of inflammation that can occur in any area of the body, including the lungs. A healed granuloma is the same as an old scar. This will not have any effect on your health, it is just a reminder of a lung infection that you had in the past. A lung infection causes inflammation in your lungs. After this inflammation clears away it is possible for a scar like these 2 spots to be left behind. A fungus could have caused this infection in the lungs. In certain parts of the United States fungal infections are a common cause of granulomas. In the southwest itís the fungus Coccidioidomycosis that causes valley fever and in the mid-west itís the fungus Histoplasmosis.

Calcium makes a spot denser and less likely to be cancer. Spots that donít change are less likely to be cancer. Repeating the CT scan every 6 months is reasonable to be sure that the spots are not changing. Only if the spots have grown would more testing be done to know what these spots could be. When there has been no change in the spots for 2 years they are considered stable and no further testing is needed."

Hope this helps - It is probably not anything sinister so don't torture yourself - but on the other hand, don't be fobbed off by your doctors. If you are not satisfied - get a second opinion.

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