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I have been trying to conceive for three months now (never been pregnant before). My first month, 4 dpo, i spotted early afternoon then had a light flow later afternoon. nothing the next day and then i think i had spotting and maybe a light flow again on 6 dpo but i apparently didnt note it on FF so not positive. my period came on time and was a bit wonky which was abnormal. The second month TTC i was sick around O so my temps werent great and my advanced OPK showed high for 8 days before i gave up testing, so not sure if i O'd or not. Now cycle 3, i was at 4 dpo yesterday and again spotted once in the morning then afternoon i had light/medium flow. (tmi now) i put a tampon in when i got home as i was heading out to buck bales and didnt know if i was going to bleed again. when i took it out there was just a small amount of brown, would have been considered spotting. today is 5 dpo and i have had nothing. i had read where most people have chemical pregnancies after missing their period, but i also read where chemical pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg does not implant. this is early for implantation and its heavier than what most people say implantation bleeding is so im sure its not that. i dont get much pain with it, maybe a tad uncomfortable for a short time but bearable, and if its a cyst rupturing most places say that would bring a good amount of pain. i also normally have regular periods, no spotting. this has all started since TTC. if i get my period next week i will probably make an appointment with a obgyn, just frustrated right now and looking for answers to this craziness!

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