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Hey! I've been on the depo shot for about 2 months. The first month after I got the shot I didn't get a period. I assumed it was the birth control. But to be sure I took a pregnancy test which was negative. Month 2 I get really bad cramps but no bleeding at first. As the days go by I finally start to see spotting. This spotting turns into a heavy flow. I'm in really bad pain so I take a hot bath to relax my muscles. As I'm in the tub I see a long blood clot sticking out of the open of my vigina. I pull it and I'm instantly mortified. It was red and white looked like a piece of flesh. I assumed it was the lining of my uterus. Soon after another blood clot exits my vagina this one is EXTRA long and blood. Connected to it is a white strip. I panicked and started crying because I think something is horribly wrong. After I pass these two clots the cramps go away instantly but I'm still bleeding. Someone please help! Is it the depo shot? Or did I just have a miscarriage?

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