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heya casey,
i am so very very very sorry. the same thing hapened to me on march 23rd. your story sounds very close to mine. i did not read when you actually passed the you know what, but that was the hardest part for me. i am on b/c now and my DH and i have decided to wait a year. i have had a lot of medical problems after the birth of my son 10 months ago, so i am trying my hardest to get healthy.

the baby i just lost was a surprise, but i was so happy. i will tell you that i had a bad feeling from the get go.

nothing will comfort you right now, nothing will make sense. people will ask you questions, pry, and you will get so sick of it. i am sorry for that too.

this will stay with you for a long while, there is no candy coating that, but know that you must grieve as you see fit. dont let anyone tell you how to do that, or how long it should take.

someone on here told me to look at it as your baby is still waiting to be with you, they just want a healthy body to grow in. you will get this chance again.

women are wonderful beautiful creatures that must suffer so much pain for so many reasons. you are not alone, and someday you will beable to help someone just as i am now trying to help you.

take care of yourself, and also your hormones are going to go nuts so dont think you are loosing it. i wanted to run away from everything because i was so angry, but i am better now. :angel:
---i meant i was happy i was pg, not that i lost it!!!!! :o

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