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... I am sorry about this. I know its not easy. I lost my angel baby at 7 weeks it was my 1st pregnancy and i have not yet managed to conceive again. Now 9 months on .. . ... (12 replies)
... bleeding. By all appearances I was losing the baby. It is a terribly long story so I will just give the very short version. I continued to bleed severely until 19 weeks when my water broke. Against all son was born at 29 weeks and survived. Please understand that I am beyond grateful for my daughter and my son. ... (3 replies)
... I am sorry for each and everyone of your losses it is so hard to deal with, but i do have to say it has gotten better for me it has been a month thursday and i do have to say i am doing a lot better, better than i thought i would be. I recieved my results i caught parvo virus and seeing as a i was not already immune to it, this is unfortunately one of the viruses that will... (10 replies)

IUFD @ 19weeks
May 29, 2010
... I am so sorry to hear of your loss and heartbreak. A miscarriage is such a tremendous revolt to your emotions. ... (5 replies)
Apr 18, 2008
... I am sorry for your pain and loss. I know what you mean about the feeling like you let people down, guilt thing. Our firstborn son was stillborn at 36 weeks almost full term. ... (3 replies)
... I am soo so sorry for all of your losses, while I have m/c twice they were both very early on well um so yeah I am really very very sorry:( (8 replies)
... First off I want to say ((hugs)). I will say a prayer that Simon will be a healthy baby boy. I also don't understand the fetus thing. It sounds so impersonable. He IS your son. God forbid if he were to pass away and you would want a burial tell them that. Im sure they will have to honor your wishes. But were sure your not going to have to worry about it.;) (8 replies)
... Hello, Browneyes5244 I for one has been going thru the same thing as you after my m/c on dec 6 it lasted for two weeks, after that it stopped then it started Jan 9th and lasted until Jan 19, mind you after that i was still kinda spotting off and on since then i went to the doctor on jan 25 they did an biospy on me and i've been spotting since then until today i have to... (34 replies)
... Sorry to hear that Missy, I had an early misscarriage when I was just 6 weeks along when I was in 19. Three years later I conceived my first baby, and thankfully that pregnancy went to full term. ... (3 replies)
... I had a natural miscarriage and we did not wait to start again. ... (6 replies)
... ve a big bump and be loking forward to it i cant understand why i have had 2 ive had test and the ocs say everythin is fine! i found out yesterday my friend is 8 weeks pregnant and im gutted felt so jealous and i shouldnt feel like that! ... (7 replies)
... so I called Bayer and made sure that it was okay to keep taking it. I started to bleed more heavily on Tuesday, so I just continued to take it. andI bled for two weeks and called my physician because I didn't think that was right. ... (2 replies)
... I think men just don't share the bond that we do since we're the ones growing the baby. Oh well. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, right? I guess they grieve in their own manly way... (12 replies)
... Hey Molly like I said before I was pregnant with my husbands and I's first child and miscarried. I think he cried when we first found out and that was it. He really didnt seem be bothered by it. I think that men just dont know how to process the thoughts. Who knows??? (12 replies)
... Oh Molly i am sorry about that . .. i can see that it makes things alittle more difficult .. . . .. . .i hope that when you ll all feel better you ll be blessed with another child. Thank you for your support too. AMy (12 replies)
... I forgot to mention in my original post that the day I went in for the D&E (last Friday, 4/20), was my 6th wedding anniversary. Could there have been a worse day for this to happen on? I don't think I'll ever feel the same about my anniversary ever again. I'm pretty sure it's been permanently ruined. I just wanted to throw that out there. Thanks. (12 replies)
... Thank you Amy for your kind words. And I am sorry for the loss of your baby as well. I will keep you in my prayers that you will conceive again and have a healthy pregnancy and baby! I hope to have another baby once our family has recovered from this baby's loss. Thanks again for your post, I appreciate the support. Molly (12 replies)
... I was 4 weeks when I started spotting, I went to have my levels checked several times and that's when they told me I was having a miscarriage. ... (4 replies)
... rt and right before i started bleeding they turned a dark, orangy color ..... almost mirrored what happened to me the first time I was pregnant. Anyways, about 3 weeks into my pill pack i started spotting a little, just like last time. At this point my stomach had changed. ... (2 replies)

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