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... and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks straight. I was admitted on valentines day, the day my husband and I were going to our first grief support group for parents who lost a child. It was terrible. ... (67 replies)
... results to come back which is painfully too long.... Like you, I am desperate to try again as soon as possible as that is what keeps me going to....its only been 2 weeks since it happened... I moved out to Australia 7 months ago.. and have no family and few friends either here... so I know what you are going through... ... (3 replies)
... weeks pregnant. Doctor performed a DNC. Everything went well and not about 3 weeks later I am having on and off spotting. Is this normal? ... (1 replies)

... we were devasted but we are thinking about trying again...i heard wait 3 cycles...we've also had unprotected sex since losing my son....and i think i might be preggo it too soon? ... (0 replies)
Did i even mc
Jul 15, 2010
... it will help give you peace with the possible loss. It is possible that she technician made a mistake, but understand that if your dates indicate that you're 9 weeks pregnant and the baby is only measuring at 6 weeks, something is likely happening. The baby should be much larger over that 3 week period. ... (2 replies)
... I had a miscarriage in June with an HCG of 200 that only jumped 25 points in 3 days... we just found out that we are pregnant again. I requested a Beta and just got the results back this morning. They said that I am at 476.7. ... (0 replies)
... hello everyone. i was 10 weeks pregnant when i had a miscarriage. the heartbeat of the fetus stopped. ... (1 replies)
... s. pcos is polysystic ovanrian syndrome. irregular period pretty much. ive been on this mediaction to help this for about a month now called metformin. about 3 weeks ago i spotted and had sore breast for a week and then everything went away. this has happened before to me and a week or two later id get my period. ... (2 replies)
Previous m/c
Nov 26, 2005
... c, immediately after that I became pregnant again and successfully carried her to term. ... (4 replies)
... I didn't read everyone else's posts but wanted to just give you my August I had a miscarriage at 4 weeks + 5 days. I had no clue it was coming, I just happened to go to the washroom around lunchtime and saw a small amount of red blood on my underwear, the bleeding increased a little over the next couple hours but it wasn't as much as a period. I had no cramping... (41 replies)
... Hi, I thought it might make me feel just a little better to post my experience with miscarriage. I am 31 years old, and I was surprised when I found out I was pregnant with my 5th child back in February. My husband and I weren't expecting it, but we were so happy to know that we'd be expanding the family anyway! ... (12 replies)
... I am 9 weeks pregnant for the first time with our first child. I am 37. I thought everything was ok as I had bloodwork drawn weeks ago and everything was ok. ... (11 replies)
... l notice my name says Happy7, that was for last week when I was i the chat rooms for expectant Moms for Aug. Yesterday I went for my 2nd ultrasound at 9 weeks. 2 weeks ago I went for one and there was a heart beat and I started to let meself get excited. Yesterday, there was no more growth and the heartneat was gone. ... (13 replies)
... maybe only 6 weeks at 3.6mm. ... (2 replies)
... spotting that has turned into a really heavy bleed with clots and stomach cramps and pain. The doctors cannot get me in and I am very worried. I have already had 2 miscarriages one at 3 weeks and one 9 weeks. ... (5 replies)
... I passed a molar pregnancy on my own at 8 weeks. It was very similar to labor (cramps every 2-3 minutes for about 4 hours). I passed two large pieces of tissue that looked like it had purplish black blisters all over it. I didn't know it was a molar preg until I delivered. My friend had a molar preg discovered at 13 weeks with an ultrasound (no heart beat was picked up with... (2 replies)
... Oct 18...rather surreal to see that 3 weeks after the death, my body is still holding on. ... (6 replies)
... c on wednesday for a missed miscarriage. I was about 9 weeks along. I made it through the procedure with flying colors. Took about 5 darvocets during that day. ... (3 replies)
... self. At 21.3 w lost rest of amniotic fluid but baby was still fine and moving. They said there was no point in waiting and started the "evacuation" whiwh lasted 2 days. All this time i cld feel her moving. Now i'm killed with guilt that we should have waited, maybe she'd have surrvived? ... (3 replies)
Jan 20, 2011
... At 8 weeks pregnant I had a gush of light blood and passed 2 small clots. I went to the ER. they said I was having a miscarriage. My cervix was closed and HCG was at 56000. ... (0 replies)

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