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My worst fears came true today. I'm suffering from another miscarriage at 10 weeks 1 day. I'm thankful that it happened now tho instead of a few months down the road. I woke up this morning to find myself covered in a heavy brown discharge. Went to the hospital and spent 5 hours goin thru pure torture for it to end in this. Had a blood test done to confirm my level of pg hormone which was still at the level it was suppose to be for 10 weeks. Had an iv inserted for back up. Had a internal exam done to make sure my cervix was still closed. Then a cathiter (sp?) inserted so they could do an abdominal and internal sonagram, in which they had to pump my bladder full of water. VERY UNCOMFORTABLE worse part of the day!!! Once all the test were done the dr came in not an ob/gyn just the ER dr. And he started out by saying I think you have lost your baby, but your hormone level is still up really high... is that normal or even possible if I lost the baby already? Told me my restrictions and to follow up with the ob/gyn tomorrow. Ok I said. Then my nurse came in and gave me more info. Saying that they spotted something on the sonagram, but they aren't sure rather its still the baby or if its something left over in there. He said the baby is so small at this point that its hard to really tell. He said if I didn't already pass the baby that I was more then likely too, but if I went home and stayed on bedrest, didnt lift anything, have sex, take tub baths or drive that it might actually take a turn around. But if any bright red blood started to show then I was goin to miscarry. About 2 hours after I came home I started having the bright red bleeding. So I guess it truly is over. Has anyone else went thur this and how was your turnout? Thanks

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