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i cat stop crying , ur post hit my heart tremoundously. i know exactly what u feel like that happened to me when i was 19 and married, and i am 24 now. i never forget the baby he/ she that was inside of me, i always rem to this day , but u know u will over come that. image having to go thru 5 misc. and now i finally have my baby boy 10 months now.i know its bad to say but after the 2nd one i just had no pain, no more at least that i would let myself think of, and to the person that said they 2 had a miscarriage and ur doc said u need testing get it done, but also even if nothing comes back as soon as u know ur preg again go to the doc, and he will do all the testing. i kept wondering why was i not having babies come to find out i have an antibody that carries lupus but a blood clooting syndrome. when i would get preg, by body produced a clot in the placenta that did not allow for oxygen to get to the baby, and would regect. so know i know , that it wasnt my fault soemthing i did, cuz that what i felt like every time i had a mis, why god, and what did i do some much for this baby do leave, why why why??? u know. and if i had not gotten to the doc my baby boy now would have died......... god bless hun and take ur time i be u feel real sore and do take it easy i know i took off even a week of work after first and when i returned i hurled over in pain to find out that i had got an infection .. so please go ge checked back when ur doc tell u to and really take it easy ur body just went thru a whole lot and so has ur mind.........and i know it is hard to especially hear what i am about to say but take ur time to grieve but dont take a long time hun cuz it will get to u i promise......... i did exactly that, wonder why, what he/ she would look like and so on and it sent me straight in to a bad depression that i did not need to be in that deep keep ur head up and i promise u will one day have another and yes dont have one right now i think doc say dont try at least for 3 or 6 mon to let ur body heal god bless baby doll and to your sig. other i know he has to be feeling bad to please let me know how ur doing and him............

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