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My God, I am so sorry. Yes, I went through almost the same thing, but my son was much younger. I miscarried 5 years ago early on then got pregnant again. Almost miscarried, but didn't. I carried my son to 20 weeks when I started going into preterm labor but didn't realize it. The doctors office told me it was muscle spasms. Needless to say, my doctor covered the butt of the assistant who sent me home. I came back the next day to find I was dialated. I was sent walking across the street to the hospital with no guidance. I was sent up to a room where the doctor checked my cervix and broke my water. That was the end. I laid in bed for 3 weeks to see if I could carry him, as there was still water around him. He came at just under 24 weeks, born with severe sepsis and prematurity. he did well the first 24 hours (honeymoon period), then started to lose circulation in his lower limbs as the infection started to ravage his body. We had a priest come and baptise him and we took him off of life support. That will be 4 years ago on FEb. 10th. I still miss him terribly. I had a baby girl since then, but although I love her, she is not a replacement for my little Daniel. My prayers to you as I know the pain you are feeling. If there is a support group in your area and you feel the need, please go and share with other mothers. It may help you tremendously dealing with the guilt feelings that you may carry. God bless you and your husband.

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