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Hope -

Bless your heart. I do understand. It's been many years since we lost our babies - I miscarried at 12 weeks (after weeks of only slight growth), and had preterm labot at 20 weeks and 22 weeks. We have 2 now grown sons that we are so thankful for, but I have not forgotten the children we lost.

It is true that time is a healer. When I think of those children, I am sad, but it's mostly regret that I didn't get to know them, hug them, and care for them as I could our boys. I do still love them, but it's a gentle love that doesn't hurt me or overtake my life. I believe that love is never wasted.

Also years ago, we had friends whose baby son never breathed. He looked perfect from the outside, but was found to have lung abnormalities that could not have been detected or corrected. As you understand, it was devastating, but they found that knowing what went wrong helped a little. The children who they had later did not have that rare problem.

I wish you well - blessings - Barbara

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