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First of all, I am so very sorry for your loss. It is very devastating. I work with a woman who lost her child about 2 weeks before due date. She didn't have your complications. She went to a normal doctors visit and they told her they couldn't get a heartbeat. I don't remember the cause, but I know it was very hard on her. Months later I spoke at length with her. My child would have been about 4 months older than hers. I asked her if she would like to meet my baby and I brought her in to see her later that day. She loved that.

One day you will find that you can go on. I am sorry that insult was added to your injury. It seems so unnecessary. I would definitely get a new ob/gyn. Especially one who will monitor you. When I was expecting my fifth (at 40), I was already border line with high blood pressure. I was amazed at how I was monitored throughout my whole pregnancy. I probably went to the doctor twice as many times as what you might consider normal. I am shocked that doctors out there take for granted that they have TWO lives that are at risk because of that "everything is ok" attitude.

I hope you success in the future and Patrick will soon have a sibling here on earth to look over.
I will be thinking of you and your dh.

married 5-24-86
miscarried 9-86
first 3-19-88
second 5-3-90
third 2-19-92
miscarried 6-98
fourth 11-17-99
miscarried 10-2001
fifth 7-8-2003

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