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How do you know when you are miscarrying? Are there warning signs or does it happen & you don't know it until the doctor checks you? I am concerned because I have fifth disease & I know miscarring is a possibilty from it.

Generally, you bleed heavily and sometimes the bleeding is accompanied or preceded by severe abdoninal cramps and/or back pain. I have never had a miscarriage, but I am pretty sure you know it when you do.
i have had two miscarriages.. an the only symptoms that i have had is heavy bleeding and abdominal cramping but thats about it for hoping and praying that this one sticks.
I agree that normally there is heavy bleeding, sometimes a high fever, and major (most times) cramping - much like your period type cramps but worse. Oh, and depending on how far along you are, sometimes extreme shoulder pain. I have had 2 m/c and those are the symptoms I had with them.

Try to remain positive, as hard as it may be. Ya never know. I wish you luck and will say a little prayer for ya.

Thank you, my baby I need all the prayers we can get.

I've had a miscarriage and mine started with spotting. Most women on here tell you that spotting isn't a cause for concern though. I was only spotting brown and it was fairly light. It turned to red a couple days later and then all of the sudden, out of no where, I started having horrible, horrible cramps. I had these cramps over a 12-hour time period and during those cramps I started passing huge blood clots. It was extremely painful for me, even after too many pain killers, and I was practically screaming the whole time. I don't mean to scare you, I'm just telling my side. I've heard some women say that their miscarriages weren't painful at all.
I've had 2 miscarriages! With the first one I had no symptoms that it was coming about. I stood up and I had blood everywhere. I bleed pretty heavy, but it was all normal. Went to the ob/gyn and they checked me out did an ultrasound and revealed there was no heartbeat and that the baby would most likely pass on its own. Went home and sure enough it passed the same night! Sometimes it can take a couple days to pass everything. Then with my 2nd miscarriage I started to have some spotting which lead to some pretty heavy brown discharge. Went straight to the er went thru all kinds of checks and ultrasounds they said I was probably in the beginning of another miscarriage. Went home started to have some light bright red bleeding wasn't much kept coming n goin! Followed up with my ob.gyn next day and the discharge was back to the brown stuff. Just kept up like that till the following morning when I woke up bleeding bright red and very heavy with lots of cramping. Major blood clots...was rushed to the er for hermoragging! So if you start to have any symptoms of miscarriage get to your ob office or the er so you can be checked and they know it is goin on! best wishes and I hope this won't be the case for you!!!
The cramping that those of you have experienced during a miscarriage. Was that prior to bleeding, during or after? The only reason I ask is because for the last three weeks I've been having really bad cramps. Originally the doctor told me I had a UTI and I was given anitbiotics. She thought that might reduce the cramps. Well, it hasn't. I get concerned that I'm going to end up miscarrying. I haven't had any spotting at all, but I still worry. They can be so bad sometimes that they take my breath away.
I miscarried in December. It started as brownish blood and then turned into red. Then the cramping started. I didnt miscarry until three days later. But then I was bleeding HEAVY and it hurt so bad that I couldnt move. The doc perscribed something that was what he said the strongest thing that he could give me and it didnt touch the pain!!
How far along are you? I used to be a teacher and they told me to be careful of children who had Fifth's Disease during my first trimester, but after that you are kind of out of the dark.
MissChicopea, with my 1st miscarriage I didn't have any cramping until during the miscarriage. With my 2nd miscarriage I had cramping on and off the whole time I was pregnant, but was told it was normal which I think it is! When I started bleeding really heavy and it turned into hemorraging I started gettin really bad cramps kind of like what contractions feel like when you first go into labor. How far gone are you by the way? I miscarried the first time around 6-8 weeks and my 2nd one I miscarried at 14 weeks!
Please try not to get to alarmed by the cramping tho! My best friend is 5 and half months pregnant and has had cramping the whole time so far and everything is fine! And the baby is doing great and is healthy!
Beanie, I'm at 6 weeks and 5 days. I've been told by the doctors that it's normal too. They explain it away as just my uterus adjusting, but I can't help but be concerned. I know it could go either way. I feel like since I found out I've been biting my nails hoping I make it to the 12 week mark. Not that it puts me in the clear completely, but as they say, your less likely to miscarry after that point.
hang in there...hopefully, it is just your uterus adjusting to the pregnancy.

i had two miscarriages. the first one i was 6wks pregnant. it just got up one morning and there was heavy bleeding and clots. i didn't even realize i was pregnant until the doctor told me what was going on. my 2nd was 16wks. it started as a brown discharge and got heavier and more red. i went for an ultrasound and they concluded there was no baby just the amniotic sac left. i had to have a d&c.

i now have two healthy girls. with my first daughter, i had no bleeding or discharge of anykind. any cramps i felt, my doctor reassured me it was ligaments stretching. my 2nd daughter, i had spotting and mild cramping but that only happened when i did too much (carrying my daughter, carrying heavy groceries, running too many times up and down stairs, etc).

i hope this helps. try to stay calm, relax, put your feet up...and know you are in my thoughts for a healthy babe!
I didn't feel cramping until the day I passed my baby. I never saw a doctor though because I was only a senior in high school and was scared. The day I passed my baby, I was sitting in class and started feeling period cramps. It put a quesy feeling in my stomach and I ditched the rest of my classes and went home. I went to a horribly strict Catholic school though where I would have been in trouble if they knew I was pregnant! When I got home, the cramps got worse and worse and I had these urges to keep going to the bathroom. The blood clots were big enough to actually feel comming out of me. This is my second pregnancy now and I have had some cramping too, but believe me they aren't anything in comparison to when I miscarried.
Thanks for the words of encouragment. I wish everyone luck on their pregnancies and you'll all be in my thoughts as well.
[QUOTE=smash761]How far along are you? I used to be a teacher and they told me to be careful of children who had Fifth's Disease during my first trimester, but after that you are kind of out of the dark.[/QUOTE]

I just turned 12 weeks. So still in my 1st trimester. I tested pos. at 8 weeks. 2 of my kids had fifth disease which is where I got it, but I have not had any symptoms of fifth disease at all.

Hopingchris I know you tested positive on the blood work for fifth. I do need you to help educate me. The test they did does it say you have active fifth, recent fifth or does it just tell you, you had it at some point in your life? Can they tell when you had it? Just wondering how much information the test can give the Dr.
[QUOTE=off kilter]Hopingchris I know you tested positive on the blood work for fifth. I do need you to help educate me. The test they did does it say you have active fifth, recent fifth or does it just tell you, you had it at some point in your life? Can they tell when you had it? Just wondering how much information the test can give the Dr.[/QUOTE]

All it says is I tested pos. that's about it. Fifth disease is something that can not be treated. All he can do is keep a close check on the babys heart by ultrasound. He will take blood again Thursday to see if the levels have come down. If the have he said that means it was leaving my body which is a very good sign.

Chris, my best advice to you is to think positve and be happy and enjoy being pregnant! And of course Pray!
I could tell you more signs that I didn't see anyone else post, I have had 9 miscarries and they were not all exactly the same. Simular. I could tell you some signs, but I'm not going to unless you really want to know.
With you being worried, I could tell you and you may start imagining that you are having these feelings, when in fact you are not. It will scare you to death. I don't know how far along you are, but things hurt and ache when you are pregnant, keep that in mind. It's normal not to feel great all the time. I had a still born the first time and there were times I just didn't feel good and my pregnancy was fine till I delivered, I have Lupus and had a blood clot in placenta- not likely to happen to you.
If you really want me to tell you other signs, I will. But try not to worry and pray for God to get you through this.
Best wishes!
Poofy, I am praying for the best for Thursday. That is the day I will find out if my baby is ok. I went looking at baby stuff today wanting to buy things but didn't cause I want to hear that good news from the doctor 1st. I will update everyone as soon as I get home Thursday. Thanks for your post. And Poofy, if by some chance that the doctor gives me bad news,I will want to know the other warning signs you are talking about, but for now I guess I'll take your advice & stay pos. 4 my baby. Ihave been trying to keep myself real busy so the days will go by quicker & Thursday will hurry up & get here.

Thanks, Chris

i looked up 5th disease in my pregnancy book and it said that although there can be complications, they are not common and are usually preventable with proper monitoring. i am sure you were told that, just wanted to chime that in that i hope everything is ok. it should be.
Chris-- Our hopes and fears go with you Thur. please keep us posted. I know no matter what we say you are going to worry till the Dr. gives you good news. Till then try to take care of yourself as best as you can.
Chris, I said a prayer for you. God can do things, doctors can't do, prayers are your best bet honey! Let us know how things went. I know you are scared, I know it all too well. It's so hard for those of us that a baby does not come easy to. But I'll bet that you and the baby are just fine. And to answer one of your questions, yes you normally know if something is going wrong or is not right. thing you can do for you both. Very hard, I know. How far along are you?
Take care!
i recently had a miscarriage at 5 weeks. and by recent i mean within the last week. mine started at work i had gone to use the bathroom and noticed i was bleeding went to the er imediatly and told it was a threatned miscarriage to go home and rest. this was monday. i spotted on and off brown blood for the next week and they checked my hcg level every three days. saturday i had what felt like mild contractions and then started having heavy cramping passed tissue and alot of blood. it was over quickly. im still bledding and the dr said i will for awhile. my thoughts are with you. its a horrible thing to go through. again i agree with the others though, cramping is a normal part of pregnancy and even some spotting is not to be concerned about. best wishes for a happy outcome!
Poofy, I am in my 12th week.
Thanks to EVERYONE that posted. I do feel better about things. It helps to have other women to talk to. Now I'm just waiting for in the morning to get here.

I didn't read everyone else's posts but wanted to just give you my August I had a miscarriage at 4 weeks + 5 days. I had no clue it was coming, I just happened to go to the washroom around lunchtime and saw a small amount of red blood on my underwear, the bleeding increased a little over the next couple hours but it wasn't as much as a period. I had no cramping or any other symptoms. Then just after supper I had pressure, almost like how your pelvic pressure feels during labor, but it still wasn't painful. I called the health line and they recommended going to the hospital. The Dr at the hospital confirmed I was miscarrying and told me to go to my own local hospital when I got back to my home city, (I was visiting my parents 5 hours away from my home) the next day at home I went to my hospital and they tested my blood and confirmed I had miscarried and the next day an ultrasound confirmed I had passed everything. The whole process was not at all what I would have expected, I had no cramping, and less bleeding than a regular period for me. I'm not sure what 5th disease is so I can't help you with that but I wanted you to know what my symptoms were like. Goodluck.
P.S I am now 10 1/2 weeks pregnant with baby #2 (pregnancy #3)
This past Sept 13th I found out I was pregnant. One week later I began spotting, it was very light so I asked a friend who is pregnant with her 2nd, and she said if it continues to call the dr. Two days later the spotting came back so I called and went in for an u/s. They were unable to see the heartbeat but said that it could be b/c I was so early. Two days later The bleeding was so heavy I went to the ER. I did not have cramps. After hours of waiting we saw the baby's heartbeat and they didn't mention any abnormalities. Two days later I had a follow up with my Dr. The ultrasound showed a healthy heartbeat and a small blood clot in my uterus, that was not there 2 days prior. Three days later I was feeling good, no morning sickness. I went back for an u/s and there was no heartbeat but there was a blood clot that took up most of the u/s. I had miscarried. The next day I had a d&c. The Dr. could not explain why but said chances are I would go on to have a normal pregnancy. Throughout the 2 1/2 wks, I never had cramping. I don't plan I concieving for a few years but am concerned that this will happen again. I don't think I could handle the pain that I still feel 4 months later.
I am so sorry about all your miscarriages. I will say a prayer for all of you.

Chris, yesterday I talked to a friend of mine who just had to deal with fifth disease last year, and she talked to the dr. about it, and he told her it was dangerous to pregnant women, but usually easily treatable.
I believe I'm miscarring right now. I started to spot lightly the past few days. And I was having very bad cramps. Then yesterday I started to bleed heavly with clots. I've been having really bad back pain and cramps. I'm not sure exactly what to do. Can anyone help me?
So sorry to hear this LDC. M/C is a terrible thing to go through. How far along are you? If you are 6 wks+, then you may have to have a D&C. It's very important you follow up with your doctor to make sure there's no complications. Again, I'm so sorry.

-believe :angel:
i miscarried about a year ago. symptoms for me were light bleeding at first, with light cramping as well. then a week after my bleeding got heavier and my cramps grew stronger i started seeing clots and small peices of tissue so i knew i miscarried. this lasted for about 2-3 weeks and i was in bed the whole time, thinking it wasnt what i thought it was. but sadly the baby was gone. i hope your doing fine. best wishes
Hi my period was two weeks late and my period started yesterday but within 30 mins i had filled up two night time sanitary towels, which were covered in jelly-like lumps, and i woke up this morning to find hard blood coloured hard clumps in my bed. Didn't get much pain just usual cramps as soon as it came on. This might just be a heavy period but i thought the hard lumps were a bit weird!
Didn't really want to start a new topic so i thought i'd ask in here while i was looking! Thanks
When I miscarried I started to have cramps before I started to bleed, but it was only like an hour before. Then when I did start to bleed, the cramps were horrible. I was doubled over in pain and I have a high pain tolerance. I do agree that you know when you are miscarring though. I had never been pregnant before and I did not know I was pregnant then, but I did know I was miscarring. Most people didn't believe me at first either. When I actually passed the fetus, they did finally listen though.
When I miscarried the first time, it was actually considered "fetal demise". My baby died, and I spotted a little, had a little cramping, but that's it. I had to have a D & C. Sometimes the body just doesn't do it's thing and get rid of everything. My second miscarriage resulted in heavy bleeding, but pain like a period, although my periods are awful anyways. I have a history of cysts and endometriosis. My point is, I think every miscarriage is different. No matter what, it's physically, and psychologically painful. I am so sorry for your loss, all of you who have gone through this. I understand, I really do. My heart longs to have a child.
There can be no warning signs whatsoever of a m/c. This last Friday was number 3 for me at over 3 months and I had no signs. I was still incredibly sick (Still am now as I have not yet had my D&C, I do that tomorrow), my breasts are still sore and I still pee a lot. We just went in to hear heart beat again on Friday and the baby was dead. Just a week prior we saw it healthy on Ultrasound, with heart beating. I wonder if knowing this will make me more paranoid next time, or if I will learn to not worry as it is all obviously in God's hands. I hope the latter.
How far along were you? I never did a test so i guess i will never know.
My personal experience was this: At 13 weeks along, I had brown spotting for 2 days which eventually turned to red bleeding (like a period). I went to the emergency room at this point. The cramping became very intense, VERY INTENSE, to the point I was clutching onto the emergency room bed shouting for the nurse to help me!!! The contractions would come every 5 minutes, like clockwork, and last 1 minute each. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, my cervix started to dialate. At that point I felt I was being ripped into two. Mind you, I had NO medication. I felt weak, nauseaus, unable to focus, I felt as though I was going to pass out from the extreme pain but couldn't because I had to finish what was happening. I couldn't sit still in the bed and through each segment of pain I would quiver and bend and fold over. After 3 hours of this trauma, a warm gush of blood streamed through my vagina and between my bloody thighs laid my 13 week old baby. I could make out the head, arms and legs. I screamed for the nurse who quickly rushed in and scooped the specimen away. I immediately fell asleep I was so exhausted, it was 5:00am.

This was my second miscarriage. For the first one I had a D&C. This one came on so quickly that I had to pass the baby naturally. Seeing the baby before me brought a sense of closure for me and my husband. I hope to become pregnant again VERY soon as I feel very empty at this point. Whoever tells you a miscarriage isn't painful (emotionally and PHYSICALLY) is wrong. I will never forget the pain, it was horrendous.

If you are pregnant and have light bleeding that's getting progressively worse over the course of a day or 2, please go to the emergency room as soon as possible. You do not want to experience this at home alone.
I'm hoping you guys can help me. My girlfriend started having sickness and what not about a month and a half ago, and we feared she was pregnant. We took a test about three weeks ago, and it was negative, but the tests after that about a week ago were allll positive. Then she started bleeding super heavy. It's bright red, and it's much more bleeding than her usual period. She says that it's just unrelenting. It won't give up, except for one night where it stopped for a few hours, and just came back full tilt. The bleeding is bright red, and she has pelvic cramps and lower back pain. She had a day of horrible fever, migraines, and sickness. And today, all her pregnancy symptoms just disappeared.

Am I more than likely looking at a miscarriage here?
Hi there,

Sorry for the distressing time you and your girlfriend are going through. I'm no expert, but am going through a miscarriage myself at the moment, it does sound quite the same. I would get your girlfriend to a doctor for a proper examination. She needs to be checked out to confirm whether or not she is having a miscarriage and then if she is, it needs to be confirmed whether it's complete or not. If it's not complete and parts are left behind, it can cause problems, so getting checked out is the priority right now.

Best of luck
[QUOTE=elainee;3647778]Hi there,

Sorry for the distressing time you and your girlfriend are going through. I'm no expert, but am going through a miscarriage myself at the moment, it does sound quite the same. I would get your girlfriend to a doctor for a proper examination. She needs to be checked out to confirm whether or not she is having a miscarriage and then if she is, it needs to be confirmed whether it's complete or not. If it's not complete and parts are left behind, it can cause problems, so getting checked out is the priority right now.

Best of luck[/QUOTE]


I am very new to this. I was due on on Wednesday. I came on on monday really heavy to start then went to hardly anything, and what was there was browny colour.

Today i went to the toilet and (without being horrible) there was a big clear jelly/lump clot with a darker colour (gray) in the middle.

I have been told this may be a really really miscarrage.

i am on the pill but missed 1 or 2.

does anyone have any advice for me?

shoudl i go doc's or let it go!!??


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