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Don't even hesitate. Go get checked, simple as that. If it is a miscarriage, they need to know to make sure you don't hemmorage (sp??) or get an infection, plus you need to make sure everything is cleared out, in case you need a DNC. You don't want this to leave any long-term damage, which can happen if you don't get checked. Good luck, and I hope that everything goes ok for you. Take care of yourself!
Im not sure if you had a miscarrage or not, but ill tell you what my experence has been:

I had so much paid i thought i was going to pass out... it lasted for several hours...4-5 hours... of intence pain... then 2 hours of of just really hard pain.. all this time i was having contractions coming and going for bleeding was very very very heavy...and i changed pads every 15 to 20 minutes... blood clots were the size of a small to med apple... of course they were not hard just large and full of blood... i passed 4 of those sized clots then 2 clots the size of plums... and then they got smaller... and i was on the toilet 75% of the day cause i was passing so much stuff....the cramps then started for the next 4 or 5 hours... during that time i did call my doctor and he told me i was having a miscarrage and that i could go in or just take care of it at home... i was to emotional to go in to the doctor so after i passed the baby he had me take a preg test and it came out negative so i didnt need a dnc eaither time... so if you are feeling anything like this you may want to call your doctor... sorry if i was a bit graphic... hope all goes well for you... i did this twice so far.. and i would not wish it upon my worst enemy...

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